Computers eat time.

I’ve been in front of the computer a lot recently, which basically means little else gets done. How the time passes when you’re working, yes, I’m honestly not doing a lot of internet shopping, except for work things of course, I really am working on the computer.

So a little catch up here. I’ve finished the birds that I posted previously, so those patterns are all ready to go to the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show coming up at the NEC in March. Here are the boys.



These are the hanging variety, but the pattern can be used in many other ways.

I had to have a break from the screen one afternoon last week so started to make another piece of work in my Natural Histories series. It’s laid down and ready to stitch, and is 80 x 55 cm. The books are from a photograph I took of  a herbal in the British Museum, played around with in Photoshop, and the flower is quite old, cut from an unfinished piece of work. It’s quite naive, which with the butterflies serves as a contrast with the darker, spikier aspects of the piece.


And to finish with, some botanical photographs from a lovely little outing to Winterbourne Garden last weekend.

I’m looking forward to a trip to the NEC tomorrow to the Craft Hobby and Stitch Trade Show with Hilary Beattie, and a couple of days teaching at the Bramble Patch at the end of the week, so more people time and less computer time, which can’t be bad.








2 thoughts on “Computers eat time.

  1. Those patterns are beautiful Steph, such stunning fellows. I think they’ll fly off the shelves when you share them officially to the masses. I know as well as you about the dangers of computer time, but I just seem to lose track of it when I get logged on and find something interesting. Still, it keeps us off the streets doesn’t it? Have good fun with your workshop and enjoy that face to face contact that the computer screen will never replace in a month of Sundays thankfully. Hope it all goes well.

  2. Thanks Lesley, just back from the course and it was fun. Well for me, hope the class agree…
    I do love computer time, and I’ve never known time whizz by so quickly, what is it about them? It was never like this when I was in the Civil Service, which I think existed in another time warp; that clock on the wall hardly seemed to move.

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