Floating Pattern.

I’ve been teaching at the Bramble patch in Northamptonshire for the last two days. I’ve always enjoyed working at the BP, and this time was no exception. The class was named Floating Pattern, which a term I use to describe the way I compose my pattern based pieces of work. When I first began to be interested in working with pattern I realised after some research that I was more interested in exploring the floating nature of objects in a spatial context, not arranged, even, repeating pattern, but a free use of the term pattern and the management of space. This started with a large piece of work I made some years ago called Boboli, see below, but I wasn’t aware of it then. When I made From the Bright Sky last year the whole floating pattern idea came into focus, I think spurred on by wanting to try working with pattern on pattern too, and having the right materials to move it all into place. BOBOLI  STEPHANIE REDFERN - Version 4 It’s a great way of bringing disparate elements altogether too, although I haven’t pushed that as far as I would like to, I still tend to be quite themed within each piece. Below, one of the pieces from From the Bright Sky. DSC_0095 So, here are some images of the hard working students and their exciting work; thanks for coming everyone and for putting up with my possibly strange linking of floating pattern and flying dreams! IMG_2488 Printed, painted and dyed cloth on the line. IMG_2490 Rachele and Catherine. IMG_2514 Rachele. IMG_2512 Catherine.IMG_2497 Alison. IMG_2495 Helen. IMG_2508 Catherine. IMG_2516 Above and below, Chandra’s leaves auditioning different backgrounds. IMG_2519 Now after all that colour, for those who love grey, here we have, well, tarmac. I have several shots of the surface of the car park at the BP, which I find quite exciting. I have no idea where these images will end up, but they are wonderfully topographical. Cornelia Parker, one of the most interesting contemporary artists working today has worked with cracks in the pavement, casting the negative spaces as positives; they are quite beautiful, but those are just the very top part of her iceberg. Her exhibition at the recently reopened Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester will be worth seeing. I saw  her work at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham several years ago and it remains one of my favourite exhibitions. IMG_2481 Raw material for something. Oh yes, and below, an image of a piece of fabric I printed and dyed using wallpaper, ink, paint and dye. I may get these two images together in Photoshop and see what happens. IMG_2503 A couple of articles can be found below.



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  1. Looks like a fabulous workshop and thanks for the tip off about the exhibition at the Whitworth. Just up my street (pardon the pun).

  2. Thanks, Steph it was a great workshop, really enjoyed it. Wasn’t the sky spectacular on the way home? Black ( well Paynes grey actually!) clouds with the golden sunset and hail! Stunning!

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