It must be spring…

…because although I should be doing proper work, I feel the need to sort out some very messy materials drawers. I thought I was happy with the serendipity of ploughing through stuff to find one thing and discovering other things I had forgotten about, but actually I’ve decided that this is a rubbish method of working. I decided this after I needed a box to pack some things into to take to a show, and my collage materials collection had to be relocated. Well, there was a lot of paper and so on in one small space, and I found some great bits and pieces I had completely forgotten about, so took action and sorted it all. So the result is a lovely tidy drawer and a big bag of rubbish, and the realisation that there is enough material in there to make the most enormous amount of work. I can’t quite bring myself to weed it out further though, not just yet, but I seriously mustn’t add to it either.

DSC_0640 DSC_0644


It doesn’t look too bad in these before shots, but there was a lot. Below, the after shots; at least I have an idea of what I have now. Now it’s the fabric and paper drawers that need a going over…

DSC_0646 DSC_0651

All in their drawer, in these old Woolworths plastic envelopes: these always make me quite sentimental.


I taught an artists’ book workshop to the Inspire textile group this week. They were great, good fun and full of ideas. I’m very lucky as this is the second time I’ve been to them; here are some works in progress below. Some people chose to work on zig zag books, and others to make individual pages. The subjects chosen ranged from holidays to insects, birds and butterflies to landscape and gardens.

IMG_2523 IMG_2526 IMG_2528 IMG_2530 IMG_2531 IMG_2533 IMG_2537 IMG_2539 IMG_2541 IMG_2543


















6 thoughts on “It must be spring…

  1. Good tidying Stephanie! I’ve been doing a bit of that myself, still a lot of throwing out to do though! Inspirational to have an insight into how you work as always.

  2. Maybe you can tell me Stephanie why is it I’m always working on fabric from my cupboard but it never seems to go down. I dont allow myself to buy new stuff, well, not very often

  3. I think it’s part of the nature of stuff, it accumulates stealthily but refuses to disperse unless chucked in the bin. I would suggest a good old sort out, and just leave yourself with the materials you love.

  4. I am always in awe of the sheer volume of your artistic output as seen through your posts, this one is no exception. I am going to keep you in mind as inspiration to keep more of my work instead of binning what I think hasn’t worked! Love the look of the artists book workshop as well.

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