A room with two views.

I’m really quite sad that the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show at the NEC in Birmingham is all over and done with. I had a wonderful time, meeting and talking to so many charming people, many of whom I know, and also lots of new enthusiasts.

I had taken over a large gallery space from Hilary Beattie, who was unwell; lots of people wish you well Hils!                                                                                      It was room – like with large door spaces, and the wall space was great to work with. And as for tables and being able to really enjoy arranging work and things for sale, well, all I can say is that it won’t be the same when I’m back to my usual small amount of table space in future shows. It was lovely to walk into my ‘room’ in the mornings.

Friday morning was fun when some of the stand holders watched the eclipse from the back of the NEC. It was a clear sky, and someone had the pinhole method, reflecting onto some paper, on the go, and some goggles were shared around too so I got a very good view of it. 

So just a few images of my stand, all gone and dismantled now, sad face.

IMG_2570 IMG_2578 IMG_2592IMG_2561 IMG_2557 IMG_2555

Back to work then, after I have caught up with all the domestic and garden tasks that have been ignored. I’ll be starting to make some work on canvases for an upcoming show at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery, and I’ll post its progress.

6 thoughts on “A room with two views.

  1. What an amazing amount of work. You must be very proud to be able to fill such a large space. I hope you had lots of helpers to put it up, cheers Peg

    1. Many thanks Peg, it just happened at a fortunate time, as I had had a busy year making a lot of work. I don’t think that will happen quite like that again! Just me and my long suffering husband to put it up.

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