A brief holiday and some new work.

I had a brief but fun and interesting break in London with my old school and travelling friend on Monday and Tuesday, even though London Midland tried to both prevent us getting there and getting home, by having trains that managed to break down both ways. At least they’re consistent.

So a quick romp through the two days: we went to the National Gallery, very busy, the National Portrait Gallery, not so busy. I’ve not been there before, but loved it. Then the second day we went to the Courtauld Institute, to see the Goya show, and indeed the rest of this lovely little gallery. We did a great deal of flanuering, in dull and then raucously windy weather.

IMG_2630 IMG_2645 IMG_2650

Trafalgar Square, with floating people.

IMG_2635 IMG_2639 IMG_2642 IMG_2641

The latest occupant of the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

IMG_2659 IMG_2675

A very windy second day, but lots of sun. The queues for the London Eye were phenomenal.


Below, the view from the hotel room onto Tavistock Square, quite a treat.


I’ve started to make some canvas based work for an upcoming show. Interestingly a ladybird sharing similar colours to the piece landed on it when I was laying it all down. This reminded me of an occasion when a black and yellow dragonfly landed on my daughter’s black and yellow bike some years ago.




More work in progress.

Right, back to the machine now, I’ve laid down six pieces so we’re at the machine stitching phase.

4 thoughts on “A brief holiday and some new work.

  1. It was fun going on this little trip with you. Thanks for taking us. 🙂 I especially liked the one with the floating people…. looks a bit like a Lowry painting! Are the floating peple real?

  2. Thanks Dorothy! The floating people are real, they’re those people who dress as statues, except these moved more than usual. I expect being able to appear to float was enough…
    They obviously have some sort of supporting structure but the effect is fun. They were getting a lot of attention; I imagine the characters were from some film or other, something Hobbity, I’m not sure.

  3. Have hardly been back to London since I worked there many years ago. Occasionally I look at train timetables and imagine a few days away. Was the hotel a good one? Please give me the name if it was and maybe we might get there this summer. Typically you are straight back into ‘work’ mode with lots of pieces. I wonder if London has fed you a few more ideas. Did it?

  4. Hi Lesley, it was the Tavistock Hotel. We’ve been there twice, in fact my friend has been there 3 times as she went with her husband last year too. It’s not too bad at all, and is in walking distance of Euston station which is handy too.
    These outings always supply a lot of food for thought I find. How much actually filters through and becomes work I don’t know, but sometimes you can look back and trace the beginnings of an idea to a particular place or event.
    After visiting the National Portrait Gallery I did fancy working on some portraits, which is a big surprise as I don’t normally do humans! Who knows, it may happen. I also enjoyed some Dufys at the Coutauld; they were light relief after the Goya drawings.

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