Holidaying at home.

Discovering new things to see in the city you’ve lived in all your life is refreshing. On Saturday a friend and I went to to a pop up art show staged by The Cobalt Blue, a group of Midlands artists who hold these free shows frequently at the Custard Factory in Birmingham and occasionally at other venues. I know some of the members from my studio days. Their aim is to present high quality professional art to anyone who wants to see it, and to promote Birmingham’s contemporary art scene; they’re succeeding too.

This is the first show I’ve been to, which is poor behaviour on my part, and also my loss, since it was excellent. The pieces shown included digital art, painting, work on perspex, collage, and tapestry.

This show was called The Rational Grid, and here is some work from it.


Zarina Keyani.


Jeannie Brown.


Rob Walsh.


Teoman Irmak.


Steve Evans.


Tina Francis.


Alexi K.


Tom Tebby.

Afterwards my pal introduced me to an amazing fabric shop she’d been going to for years. We’re lucky in Birmingham as we have the rag market too, and other very good and reasonable fabric stores, but this shop, Barry’s, is the best I’ve been to, and the staff are great.

IMG_2761 IMG_2759 IMG_2758

You could spend all day in there having fun choosing fabric for any work or project you can think of. If you want to go it’s address is 1 Moseley Street, Digbeth, B5 6JX, and you can park easily and for free. I don’t work for them, by the way…

2 thoughts on “Holidaying at home.

  1. I think if I went into Barry’s shop I might be there some time. £2 a metre!!! What a treasure trove. At that price you’d not feel bad about over dyeing or over printing it would you? Very envious of you having this resource so close to home and you are right to remind us to explore what’s around where we live rather than having a break elsewhere.

  2. There was a large £1 a metre section too; it’s a dangerous place. It doesn’t hurt to explore where you live occasionally, but, you can guess what I’m going to say Lesley, a few mountains and the sea would be a welcome addition!

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