Circles and colour.

I’ve been wanting to make some colourful work for some time, and I was recently going through my paper drawer, trying to sort it out but failing; paper doesn’t seem to like being sorted.

I had painted these large circles of Khadi paper at least 18 months ago, and over time kept just putting them back in the drawer. I liked them but didn’t have many ideas of what to do with them, until earlier on this week when I realised they were exactly what I needed to get a bit of colour into my work; and of course I was using stuff I already have, which is a bit of a thing with me these days. Instead of adding to my materials, I’m going through them and using them, and enjoying the process too. Also you end up with more space, which can’t be bad.

So here are a few before and after shots. The circles are 56 cm in diameter.


Auditioning some fabrics.


Laid down and ready to stitch.


All the fabrics are from my store of Bondawebbed materials, so they are all ready to go. The laid down piece, below.




I forgot to photograph the fabrics used in this yellow birds piece beforehand, but you can see what I’ve used on the left. Most of the bright fabrics were painted by my daughter Chloe. She throws them out and I use them…


There are a couple more pieces in the pipeline too, which I will post as they progress.


6 thoughts on “Circles and colour.

  1. Stephanie I met you at in Birmingham at the quilt show , have a few of your pieces and love to see what you are doing. I really relate to your work. You mentioned in one post a multi media guide you thought you might print up. Have you done that. I would Beverly interested. Thank you. Candy

  2. I see you’ve swung from monochrome to full on colour in two posts! My only surprise is that you’re using the circles you painted 18 months ago – I didn’t think anything hung around that long in your hands! It also reminds me that I bought a pack of them from Khadi after you first mentioned them and they’re still in my plan chest, unused, apart from one I did some cyanotypes on. I must find a use from them!Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next……

  3. Lesley you could put them to brilliant use with one of your printing projects. Those circles have bugged me for ages, I’m glad I’ve found something I want to do with them at last!

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