Music while you work.

I had nine 30 cm square canvases that I wanted to use for some new small pieces of work, and I decided that I would employ my favourite technique of materials led design. This basically means getting out every scrap of fabric, paper and anything else you own, experimenting and editing with what you have to test what really gets you going, and then making some new pieces, in this case whilst revisiting some favourite themes, something I like to do  when making small works. I finished hand stitching the last two yesterday afternoon, whilst catching up on Mark Ronson and Florence and the Machine at Glastonbury. I just love iPlayer. The volume was up, and it took ages to do the work, of course. More Glasto catch up to do later, seriously need to go there at some point, probably should get on with that one. Not camping though, did that once, and that was enough… DSC_0223 . DSC_0227 . DSC_0227a . DSC_0234 . DSC_0240 . DSC_0258 . DSC_0249 . DSC_0254 . DSC_0262   . DSC_0265

4 thoughts on “Music while you work.

  1. I am always amazed at how you can vary your subject matter yet retain your own distinctive style. I love the idea of material led design. I too have been watching glastonbury on iplayer. Having done the whole camping thing many times in my younger years I now much prefer iplayer. The toilets are better by far and I can drink tea and eat biscuits with a centre stage seat… Much more civilized 🙂

  2. Thanks Morag!
    Materials led work seems to be the way for me at the moment, it’s exciting and basically more fun too, and new ideas seem to develop more freely from those two fertile situations.
    You’re a brave woman Morag, camping, I admire your grit, but you are right about the benefits of home comforts, and you can watch far more of what happened than you could if you were actually there.

  3. We were staying down in Somerset last week for a few days and it was really funny watching people leave the Travelodge with all their camping gear for Glastonbury strapped to their backs. It was as if they needed one last night of comfort before they roughed it on hard ground. Fair weather festival goers or just plain sensible?
    All the above imagery has really made me think about materials led design versus starting with a theme etc. I wonder if it would get overwhelming? I’m a terminal hoarder like you and can imagine the brain going into freeze mode when confronted by so much stimulus ( or should that be stimuli?) As Morag has identified, you seem to thrive on it and produce work that is recognisably by your hand. It truly is a special talent. As ever I am drawn to the birds and especially the monochrome pieces. Lovely stuff Steph.

  4. Thanks Lesley!
    I’d be the person going back to the Travelodge each night! I’m fully into fair weather everything these days.
    It’s an interesting discussion with the materials led idea. I’m working on a set of new pieces at the moment, theme based, but still the materials I have are exerting a strong influence. When I work with a theme I do make new materials as necessary, but still use as much as I can that I already have.
    I think materials led work succeeds best when you have a finite amount of supports, as in these nine canvases. They fit into my ‘smalls’ category, which is why they are all different, as they are [ hopefully ] for sale individually.
    I have gone further in the past and have found that eventually you do just stop, when the muse is sated, and put everything away. Then you have a nice amount of ready to go work to finish.

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