A few weeks ago I was demonstrating during my small solo show at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery. I was very fortunate in that there were many visitors; it was very jolly. I’m always grateful when people take the time to come to these occasions, and to see the show, so thanks to all of you. The RBSA frequently supports these demonstration days featuring a range of artists, and they are always worth going to. I had some of my artist’s books on display, for people to handle and look through, and after doing so a couple of generous people suggested I should gather together all the words, text and poems I have written for my books, and publish them. So I have. It was very enjoyable to design, and is all in black and white, with 63 pages and 22 illustrations, large and small, taken from the books themselves. It’s called Thoughts. I’ve used a mix of papers in the book too, to once again make it as special as possible and be an artist’s book in its own right. Cover copyI’ll be taking some to the Festival of Quilts, but I can take mail orders too. The book is £10.00, plus £3.50 postage. Please contact me via my website if you fancy one.