Preparation and alteration.

It’s that time of year again. The Festival of Quilts is approaching, and I am gradually filling the house with all the stuff I have to take for my stand. A lot of it is very neatly packed into Ikea boxes, which seems to be a good idea, but I can only fully properly put the lids on a couple of them, which means my clever stacking idea for the car has no legs. Still, I am indeed an ace packer of a lot into a small space, which is useful as I haven’t even brought all the other bits and pieces I need in from their storage yet. I seriously need a van though. Can I just say thank you to all of those people who have bought my Thoughts book. I didn’t know if it was going to be at all popular, being the wandering/wondering witterings of a weird woman, but it has sold out, for the time being. I have done some to take to the Festival. I’ve been altering a piece of work I laid down some time ago, which I was absolutely convinced was going to work. Well we all are, I imagine, when we start some new work, but we have to be open to change, i.e. cutting it up, in my case. Perhaps too much conviction early on is not a good thing; I fear however there are no actualities in place about this. I have recently bought three pairs of gloriously sharp new scissors though, so cutting and sticking is great fun at the moment. This piece, below, didn’t work as a piece after I had machine stitched it. I coloured the background, and stitched it some more, but it just got worse. I like this early image though, so have had a play with it in Photoshop, layering my photographs and images of other pieces of my work. DSC_0163 The Photoshopped pieces have developed by chance into a series of images which are based upon stamped envelopes, which I think will be something new and interesting to work with in some future pieces. They reminded me of my stamp collecting days when I was young. I didn’t much care for rarity, I liked the big illustrative stamps best, especially all those which I think were from Hungary. The first image hasn’t got its stamp yet, I’m still deciding what image to use. charcoal dark tide. charcoal dark tide mono. Darker Butterflies.


My stand is Demo H, at the back of the hall by the food and loos, so please come by to say hello.

4 thoughts on “Preparation and alteration.

  1. LOVE the stamps ideas and images Steph … there is something satisfying about wrestling with a piece that is being naughty .. nothing to lose and all to gain… really love Night Tide too. I was thinking of you today and imagining you woudl be getting all your stuff organised for packing. Of course I am not – still making kits. work(!!) and stuff. Twas ever such. Can’t wait till next week though – FOQ is ace xxxx

  2. It’s true Hils, if it misbehaves just threaten it with scissors. I am indeed mostly sorted for FoQ, but there’s always something.
    Very happy you are coming, knew you would; hope you’ve got your hi-vis jacket sorted…xxxx

  3. I’m enjoying my wandering/wondering witterings of a weird woman a lot. Hmmm, what does that say about me then? Something to dip into and then cogitate upon I think Steph rather than dive in all in one go. Not surprised it’s a sell out. You might need to print a few more for FOQ and ask for a bigger table near those loos to deal with the rush.
    Love the idea of stamped envelopes too. Can’t wait to see where that will lead you. There’s an artist in Stroud who makes great collages with stamps called Rachel Markwick. I admire the patience not only to make them but to source them all in the first place. I have loads of them myself too so if you pick on a theme I might be able to supply some raw materials for future work! Enjoy FOQ. Look forward to reading all about it.

  4. Thanks Lesley, I’m pleased the book not only arrived [ eventually ] but that you like it too. I love the fact you have loads of stamps! What else have you got in your stash in deepest Wales, what a treasure trove it must be.

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