More decluttering.

I’m still enjoying a decluttering exercise I started some time ago. To be as accurate as possible this was started at least five years ago, but the whole procedure ramped up about a year ago, then subsided a little, and has since consisted of occasional skirmishes into areas of deep resistance.

I’ve recently been digging through materials and stored work, most of which it seemed necessary to keep forever, until very recently, that is. Now it’s time to move it along. That’s one of the problems when you are a very enthusiastic maker.

I do like space these days; in the past I loved collecting and spent years moving possessions around from shelf to cupboard to storage. Our favourite charity shop has benefited hugely [I hope.]

Materials have been repurposed to other ends, and I have added more smaller artworks to my collection of work for sale. Larger wall hangings and the like cause more problems. I’ve decided they have had their exhibiting life, and whilst a couple are on the wall I don’t live in a very large house, so wall space is not unlimited. I plan to put them into a gallery on my blog at some point, in the hope that they can go to a new home for not too large a sum.

So, a few pictures of Very Tidy Drawers. Much has been moved along, and the thrill is you can see what you have and actually feel like using it. There’s nothing worse than keeping stuff because you think you should use it. We can gather enough stuff in that way to repress us for several lifetimes.


These are the drawers of my plan chest, so they are quite large.



Below, a pile of work that I like, but didn’t think would sell, so it has found its way into a large, sturdy Khadi sketchpad I have. This will work as a resource for ideas and new work.


And here are a couple of the page spreads from the sketchbook, which is a little under A2 in size.




I’ve introduced a small shop on the blog, listing some machinery and equipment I need to move along. If there is anything you fancy, e mail via my website. Sorry it’s a bit ponderous but it cuts out so much ridiculous spam.