Well, I was intending to post this a couple of weeks ago, but an organ intervened. After a couple of weeks of digestive problems, a trip to A & E several days ago resulted in the old appendix being removed. The surgeon remarked it was the size of a chipolata, so we decided there was no longer room for it, especially as it had been so naughty.

I must say the care at QE Hospital was wonderful from start to finish, lovely staff, nice food, even though I couldn’t eat much of it. And my own room too.

And thanks to lovely friends for messages and pressies. xxx

So, this is what I was doing before I did that. I was working on the design for a new needlepoint, part of a pair, the first of which I’ve shown in the previous two posts.

I started by sorting some drawings, but I knew I wanted to use the bird at the top of the picture. This is actually a screen print I made a few weeks ago.


Here he is. I won’t be using the text though.


I wanted some background material too, but then spotted a tiny drawing I had made of rowan berries, below, so decide to use this.


By turning it into an A3 print, it basically became the extra element I needed.

Below, the original sketch from my book, just a quickie in ink and coloured pencil.


I tend to make a collage as part of my design process, so painted some paper accordingly.


And below, the layout with and without some extra crayoned additions, just an experiment with my needlepoity hat on, thinking about blending colours or not.


DSC_0004 The final design looks quite raw, but this is where I will leave it, as I make a lot of decisions as I transfer it to the canvas and stitch the piece.


Managed to fit in a little more yarn shopping before the chipolata. Here’s an idea of what I will be using. The yarn on the left is gorgeous, it’s a linen mix. I bought it because I liked it, but it’s ideal for this piece, and was most probably instrumental in the design of the piece.

My first piece is moving along too, not quite as well as I had envisioned, but since I will be taking it easy for a while I hope to fit in some stitching.


I’ve decided this is the full on active piece in a series of three, called Metamorphosis, quite probably. Yes, the others will be somewhat calmer; that’s the plan at least.

And some close ups.




There we go, off for a little walk and Miss Marple.

14 thoughts on “Chipolata.

  1. Hi Steph, so glad you are okay. Your tapestry or Berlin wool work is incredible. It’s years since I undertook this task. Never again. are you incorporating this into your usual work or visa versa? take it easy xxx

  2. Hi Shelagh, great to hear from you, thanks for the praise! At the moment it’s quite pure, just needlepoint tapestry, but I would like to play around with some mixed media at some point. I’m not pushing it, it’ll happen when it happens. xxx

  3. Ouch! Poor you but good to know you got it sorted and you’re on the mend. Good to see that surgery and post operative ‘me’ time can’t put a good obsessive down. Not a surprise to see you’ve already started on No 2 whilst still doing No 1. Losing that chipolata has not sapped your strength too much I see!

  4. Sorry to hear about the chip oblate but glad to hear that you are back to creativity and Ms Marple! I found your screw eyes in a drawer – will forward soon as I think the ones I sent were bigger…..oops

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