Wonky but finished!

Well, here’s needlepoint number one finished. It looks as if it’s trying to ease its way out of the picture, as unobtrusively as possible. This is because it needs blocking, which is a whole new thing for me, so I intend too avoid doing it for a while. I’m not sure how I want to mount it yet, either, so there is research to be done.  


It’s 50 x 50 cm, and called Metamorphosis. I was going to do a Metamorphosis series, but have been taken with other ideas, so this piece is now the sole representative of that title.

I’ve just started another piece, which I’ll post as soon as there’s something interesting to show, as it’s in its very early stages.

I’ve also been choosing and altering some images of my work and sketchbook pages for a new artist’s book I’m about to start.

It’s a book based on 12 haikus I’ve written, and here are a few of the images which will form the basis of the pages. This is a mixed media piece, no needlepoint, I’m saving that for bigger pieces of work at the moment.


These are A4 sized prints on canvas paper.


There will be more media added, in terms of fabric and paper, and no doubt the odd bit of stitch too. It’s all very early stages; I’ll post each page as I make it. I hope to finish it by Christmas, as I have a big exciting new project to get stuck into in the new year. I feel this may be a little over ambitious, but as long as it gets going, that will be fine.


12 thoughts on “Wonky but finished!

  1. From Phil Cooper at hedgecrows.wordpress.com

    Love this post; the needlepoint, sketchbook images and prints, all very lively, it looks like you have a very busy studio! I do enjoy seeing all the different paths the ideas take, how you’ve expressed them and played with them. The metamorphosis needlepoint is beautiful, rich and colourful with lots to explore. Looking forward to seeing how the new piece develops.

  2. Thanks Phil, you are very kind. The needlepoint is slow, so after the initial design I can stitch and develop them at the same time. The mixed media, as you know, is much more immediate, faster and involves some playing with Photoshop which I love. I seem to need both approaches, and of course it’s always fun to use older work to make new work, via a different medium.

  3. Blocking sounds like a tedious but necessary evil to me Steph even though it is stunning now it is finished. Looking forward to the next one but already drawn in to wanting to know more about the mixed media book. Is canvas paper as simple as I think it is: i.e images printed onto a canvas pad? Like the idea and the potential and of course you will probably finish it by Christmas as promised because by then you’ll have started something else!!

  4. Hi Lesley, it’s canvas paper for inkjet printers, I’m quite impressed with it, and it’s quite inexpensive too. There’s a lot of work to be done with the new book, although it won’t be that big, either in size or length.
    I probably won’t manage to finish it by Christmas though, I’m a little slow at the moment! Still, it’s an interesting project; I may start a page tomorrow, just need to get out the Khadi paper and some more materials to get the ideas flowing.

  5. I forgot about your operation and should have asked if recuperation was going OK? Not surprised if it’s slowing you down a bit but I suspect you will bounce back more productive than ever. I am teaching tomorrow and made a fabulous little sample book yesterday with some A6 Khadi paper folded down. I bless the day you pointed me in that direction and cannot tell you how many others have followed once I’ve shown them what’s available. You should be asking for commission!

  6. Good luck with the teaching Lesley, love those stitched spines on your blog. I’m not doing too badly, thanks.
    I do love Khadi, it seems to be the catalyst for so many book projects and one off pieces of work too, I find. As soon as I get some out the project I have in mind starts to pull itself together; it’s having those fresh pieces of lovely paper ready to go, no messing.

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