A new artist’s book.

I’ve started my new book, named Concealed/Revealed; it’s based on some haiku I’ve written. They are all quite jolly, for me at least, no mention of bones and so on at all. The images may conspire to be a little more ambiguous, however; I’ll have to see what wants to materialise.

It’s basic construction is on A3 Khadi paper sheets. As anticipated, once I got the pack of blank sheets out, the book got going. The pages are being constructed around some images I have digitally altered and printed onto canvas paper, and I will be adding more paper and fabric, as necessary, and some stitch.

I started, unusually logically, with the first double page spread, but then, more characteristically, found myself working on the double page spread for haiku number four. They move through the day and the seasons, and will be in order when the book is finished. Well, let’s hope so.

Below, the work in progress.


Below, the double page spread for haiku number one. I tried to add much more to these images, but ended up virtually using them as they were. The books image is a Photoshop collage of a herbal I photographed in the British Museum, and the other print is from an altered image of our magnolia in flower. DSC_0114


DSC_0116 (1)

And below is spread number four, which includes a photograph of some young trees I took in the Lickey Hills, a country park close to where I live, with added papers. On the facing page there’s a smaller version of the magnolia print, and an altered version of a photograph of a bird from my artist’s book The Stone Bird.

The original bird is a brightly coloured and stitched hoopoe; unfortunately there are no hoopoes in the Lickey Hills. There are also some strips from a print of some blossom I photographed locally a couple of years ago.




The haiku are written in the 5,7,5 syllable format.

I’m not sure what haiku I will be working with next. I’ve been organised enough to actually start with the first pages so that’s good enough for me; I can go wild now, if indeed you can go wild with haiku.

I do tend to simply start with one image that inspires me, which leads me naturally to another; the ideas flow for me in that way, and I often find the materials I use in one piece also fit in with another set of pages, so the process is also materials led.

4 thoughts on “A new artist’s book.

  1. Thanks Rachel, it’s good to get it going, I was in danger of just thinking about it rather than making it. Just getting a lot of materials out gets me moving, and as you say the ideas follow.

  2. I’m a huge fan of artist’s books and I love images working with text so this hits all the buttons for me Stephanie. I can see how, once started, the creativity is really flowing and there’s great energy about the pages you’ve posted, it looks wonderful already .

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