Wrapping up.

Well, here we are, the end of 2015 fast approaching. The year has whizzed by, as they seem to these days.

Giant thanks to all who read my blog; it’s now time to wrap up the year.

Hopefully I’ll be back blogging in 2016; [ always say ‘hopefully’ ] most likely with more of the same, unless I go seriously off piste. Actually that is quite a temptation.

So, have a happy Christmas, or Yule, whatever you celebrate, a jolly new year, and, carpe diem…

Work wise, I’ve been moving on with the new book, and here are a few more pages, in no particular order, as usual.

As I have been putting the pages together it’s become clear that this is a book that is going to be made from printed paper. I did intend to add fabric, and other media,  but this hasn’t happened, and doesn’t seem right for the book; the images of my work printed on canvas paper and Khadi paper seem to be all that’s needed.

This was very freeing. I find recently that limiting the range of media I use in a project is both liberating and creatively stimulating, especially if it’s unplanned as in this case. I suppose it’s a sort of decluttering.



The piece above is a printed image on canvas paper of a fabric collage on a photograph I made last year.




And above, the bird and tree image are from two of my embroideries.

These pages are now on the pile waiting to be machine stitched.

Needlepoint number two is moving on slowly. I have been out and about quite a lot recently, so that’s my excuse. I also work on it whilst watching tv; it’s safe to say these two activities are basically mutually exclusive, if you actually want to get much actually done. Still, someone has to try.


I’ve drawn out the next needlepoint in line, removing many of the leaves around the bird, a lesson learned from needlepoint number two, above.



I’ll probably start this one soon, as I like to have two going; it seems to keep things fresh.

And finally, a quick sketch for the next one, still in early development stage. This one includes some of my favourite subjects, plants, fossils and bones; I’ve not finished with them yet.




10 thoughts on “Wrapping up.

  1. Oh good, another book will be so lovely, I have enjoyed the previous one. I stuck in some of your postcards and some hand printed fabric, some little drawings of mine and and words about our garden and your book has become a great treasure for me.
    Hope you are fully recovered now, Happy Christmas and thanks for sharing on your blog,

    1. I’m very careful these days Rachel, I try to hold back from starting too many pieces of work, difficult as it is! I do think you can be too restrained though, as the development and making of one piece of work can feed into other ongoing pieces.

  2. I seem to have missed the last post but I get the drift…. not content with starting a new book you have to have a few time hungry needlepoint projects on the go too! I am loving that book though, redolent with your signature style. Thanks for the comment about Charles Keeping today. He makes me desperately want to draw people and faces. Perhaps that will be my challenge for 2016? Sounds like you already know where you’re going so I shall enjoy watching it all evolve here next year. Best wishes for 2016 and have a good Christmas Steph.

  3. Time hungry describes needlepoint very accurately! You should start to draw people, and work with them as subjects with your printmaking too, go on, do it!
    I’m glad you like the book, I’m enjoying putting it together, although there is a lot yet to be done.
    I’ll look forward to seeing your progress on your blog, no pressure…

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