Favourite images.

I have a habit of using some images over and over. Ages ago I made a linocut, this little sparrow, below, and he has been used in many pieces of my work. He may have retired now, I’m not sure; I enjoy introducing an old friend into a new piece, it’s an important continuity.

Freddie (1)


Here he is below, on a few pages of Shadow and Light, an artist’s book I made a couple of years ago. On these pages he is printed onto calico and cut out, then applied to the page. Theses pages measure 75 x 35 cm.

The flowers are made from photographs printed onto t shirt transfer paper, the footprints are mine, made with genesis green acrylic ink. It took some scrubbing to get it off.

DSC_0256 - Version 3

DSC_0257 (1)

DSC_0254 (1)

This drawing too, below, is also something I keep returning to. It’s actually a little smaller than this, and was completed very quickly. Perhaps that’s why it works for me. It was drawn from a photograph I took of a rowan tree.


It’s been featured in a fair amount of work too. Below, in Shadow and Light, blown up to fit in with a 75 x 35 cm page. I printed the image onto a piece of Khadi paper then sliced it up, and added fabric and other media.


Here it is in a photo collage I made.


And in my new needlepoint, below, once again blown up in size. The overall piece is 50 x 50 cm.


And guess what, it’s in my latest artist’s book too, as you can see below,  printed in this case onto canvas paper, and applied to the page. The pages are each A3 in size.




These pages are laid down but not yet finished, and to finish off here are a couple more. The blue image is taken from an embroidery of mine, which is actually black and gold. I changed the colours using Photoshop, to fit in with the haiku. The hand is a handprint I made with black ink. I’ve just noticed another theme emerging in this post, that of printing using various bits of myself. Don’t worry, I’ll go no further.




Back soonish with more pages from the latest book.





12 thoughts on “Favourite images.

  1. I loved the idea of the leitmotif when I was studying music and here you are, using one in your work! Looking forward to it’s next incarnation. 🙂

  2. Thanks Phil, it’s one of the quickest yet most satisfying drawings I’ve ever done. I think speedy drawing is the way for me, otherwise I am likely to seriously overwork the piece.

  3. Phil is right. That rowan tree drawing has something evocative about it so it’s no wonder you return to it. How fantastic that it looks ‘so right’ in different works. I remember that sparrow too! Good to see the year has started in productive mode for you Steph (what’s new?).

  4. Thanks Lesley, I must still admit my productivity is a little more sedate at the moment than I would like; I’m aiming for a slow build!

    Beautiful images on your blog and I agree that not pushing yourself with over blown new year resolutions is a very good idea; I always think January is so much the wrong month to expect ourselves to perform behavioural miracles. Actually in my case no month of the year is ideal…

    Lesley’s blog is Printed Material, on my sidebar, do have a look.

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