A brief post showing a few more laid down book pages from my latest artists book, Concealed Revealed. It’s based around a series of haiku I’ve written.

The sewing machine is out now, ready to get going on stitching the pages. There are some more laid down pages that I’ll post soon, along with some progress pictures as the pages are finished. Brave words, progress and finished.

Once again, in no particular order…



This is from a sketchbook page, printed onto canvas paper, with paper collage additions.


The female blackbird is a visitor from my book The Stone Bird, also printed onto canvas paper, as are the images below, which are then mounted onto A3 Khadi paper to form the pages of the book..



The stone tracery is from Gloucester Cathedral, the cobweb from our gate.



Clouds from the Midlands, sky from the Universe, echinacea and bee from Winterbourne Garden in Birmingham,  ghostly giant dragonfly from a photograph of my old dried dragonfly from my little natural history collection, and the background is a piece of watercolour paper which I printed with watercolours. It was an experimental messing about sort of print, but said summer to me, so I used it.

And, below, needlepoint number two is moving along. Actually more has been done since these were taken; not long before I can start the next one. I am tempted to start it anyway, as a treat.

IMG_0207 (1)


You either love hot pink and bright greens, or not. I find the combination life enhancing, and seem to be developing a liking for this cheerful pinkness.

It’s a reminder of the thrill of spotting a male bullfinch, [ I love the subtle beauty of the female too ] and the joy of light moving through a leaf.

IMG_0036 (1)

8 thoughts on “Pages.

  1. As I have a sweet tooth, the colours pink and green are forever linked with the wrappers on spearmint chews, but they look just as edible in the needlepoint. How you have the patience for all those tent stitches I do not know and I smiled when I read that you might start another as a treat! I think I’d need to see the end of one before embarking on another but you are made of sterner stuff Steph and seem able to juggle so many projects in one go as a matter of course. Great book pages too by the way.

  2. I think the stitching is a little compulsive as it’s so rewarding to see nice chunks of finished areas appear, albeit slowly, in a sort of resolved denseness. It also has a wonderful digital look to it, which I love.
    I’m glad you like the book pages, they are an enjoyable contrast to the slow stitching.
    I haven’t started another one, but I may do so, to keep myself happy!

  3. Thanks! Night webs sound brilliant, that’s when most of the making happens it seems. I’ve not really worked with cobwebs before but they are amazing structures, and I may explore them further now.

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