A great studio day and getting going with the book.

Working with other artists is enjoyable and when a space became free at one of Ineke Berlyn’s studio days I decided a day doing my own work surrounded by others working on their own projects was just what was needed. Outside was grey and wet, inside was warm and convivial.

It also made me actually get started on the stitching of my book. I had gone through the delaying tactic of making a neat pile of the work to be done then ignoring it. I’ve decided against machine stitching, so I was at it with the bradawl and sturdy needle.

Untitled-1 (1)




Three pages done, quite a lot to go…

Here’s the last batch of laid down pages of the Concealed Revealed book. I really must finish this soon, as there’s a rather intensive chunk of work on the horizon, and I need to clear the decks.










Righto, back to the bradawl…

8 thoughts on “A great studio day and getting going with the book.

  1. Absolutely love what you’re doing on those pages of the book so far, the limited palette lets those wonderful shapes and textures really come alive and I love how each element has space to breathe. I adore artists books and this is so up my street!

    1. Thanks Phil! I admit to being quite fond of these more monochrome and softly coloured pieces myself; I’d like to make some subtly coloured tapestry pieces too, with a fair amount of white space. However, that’s not going to be a speedy project!
      I love artists’ books, there is such talent out there.
      I had considered stopping making them [storage issues!] but I don’t think I can.

  2. Never stop making those artists books! They never fail to inspire and as ever, I am drawn to those final monochromatic images. Don’t dwell on the storage issue…… just keep going.

  3. Thanks Lesley, I’ll just keep going then until the ideas run out! Lack of storage can be inhibiting, but since I am doing less work than before, hopefully some sort of balance will result.

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