I’ve been stitching away recently at the artist book I’m making at the moment, Concealed Revealed. I’ve kept the stitching as simple as possible, as the images are complex enough, and I like the space left on some of the pages. Also, hand stitching through the paper is not that easy, so I’m pleased I decided on the bold and simple route.

Here are a few images.












I’ve shown more of these as I like the burst of colour, and the background, which was a print taken from an experimental watercolour painting.

And below are a couple of images of the latest needlepoint, which is slow moving at the moment, due to the book. I must say I love that blunt needle and the ready made holes though, compared to fighting with paper and sharp needles!




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  1. Gosh where do I start. So much to get my head around here! Firstly the needlepoint Steph – I know I keep on about how long it will take but the results are so worth it. Just stunning. A really powerful colour combination. Love the book too, especially the play on colour. Is that a transparency or drafting film you’ve printed on or are you printing in full on and draft versions? It is so effective, whatever you’re doing. Finally, I just have to say that the blackbird is a joy. Love him.

    1. Thanks Lesley; the needlepoint is a slow job, but I still find it exciting the way it sort of pulls itself together as you finish a particular section and I love that neat digital look.
      The images in the book have been produced using Photoshop, with most of them then being printed onto canvas paper. The black and white one is printed onto Khadi paper. They are all mounted onto A3 Khadi paper to form the pages. There’s also one background of water colour painting/printing and another page which I have painted with ink, which I will post soon.

  2. I’m in love with that book, the balance between the images with all their gorgeous textures and the space is just right, so satisfying 😊

  3. Thanks Phil! It has been interesting to work with the layered images, well actually it’s quite addictive, I had to make myself stop or I’d have ended up with a much thicker book. It is such a good way to introduce different textures such as stone and marble too. I love trawling through my images looking for elements that can work with each other. Then I just have a little play, and let Photoshop do some magic.

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