Now you see it, now you don’t.

From previous ramblings on this blog, you may have noticed that I am making work for the Art Textiles: Made in Britain group gallery in this years Festival of Quilts here in sunny Birmingham. Well I hope it is sunny in August, when the show is on. Our exhibition is called Concealed.

Well, I’ve finished my pieces, how efficient is that then! I have however had the advantage of being able to use the piece below, which I did make a couple of years ago. I made it for just one class I taught, entitled Into the Wildwood, and then put it away, but happily it’s now  found an exhibiting opportunity.


It’s called The Secrets of Forests, and is 70 x 60 cm in size, and it’s a mixed media piece, including fabric, mulberry bark, some pieces of my small collection of old Chinese newspaper, pebbles, paper, plastic and probably other materials I’ve forgotten. It’s also stitched with added beads.

From this piece I developed two other pieces for the show, using text I wrote especially, and images digitally printed onto Khadi paper. These works are both mounted onto 60 x 60 cm canvases; we are each making two such pieces of work, based upon the title Now you see it, now you don’t.

I used Photoshop to manipulate and layer images of this work and other images I had photographed, and stitched the pieces using machine and hand stitch.





So with my book Concealed Revealed, I think that’s that. I hope you can come to see us, I strongly suspect the range of work will be wonderful.

10 thoughts on “Now you see it, now you don’t.

  1. Steph, I am beyond impressed with your efficiency. It all sounds so organised. Will you honestly be able to leave it at that…. or might you be tempted to make something else if an idea comes to you? Will the exhibition travel onwards after FOQ to other venues? If not perhaps this might be the year I make it to sunny Birmingham and actually see it for myself. Your work looks wonderful and I’d love to see it all in situ surrounded by the interpretation of the theme by other talented artists.

    1. Lesley, many thanks; it was more luck in that time and energy coincided! It is a travelling show too, it will be going to Wales in 2017 I think and also Kent.
      I was tempted to make another piece but then remembered we have two guest artists in the show, so space will be tighter.

  2. I don’t go to the Festival of Quilts as I am not a quilter, several of my friends do however and they always enjoy it. Your work looks very interesting, just maybe I might make it this year, I do love seeing the photos from various different bloggers who have been.

  3. Glad to see this beautiful peice is going to get shown, wonderful texture and colour , best of luck for the show, I’m envious you’re ready so early!

  4. Thanks Phil, it was satisfying to get it all finished, and to be able to show the older piece which has never had an outing. Now there’s some time to think about some new work, which is exciting.

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