Time to stitch?

I designed a new needlepoint a week or so ago, but I think progress is going to be rather slow with this chap. One reason is because it’s quite large, about 65cm square, and another reason is because I haven’t yet finished the one below. That’s no problem as I like to work on two at the same time, as I find it more fun to alternate work with different colour ways.


The main reason I think it’s going to take ages to finish is that I have started to write a book for Search Press. This will be part of their Stitched Textiles Series, and will be about how I make my work and its close relationship to the natural world. So I will be making new pieces of work for it too; not needlepoint in this case.

The planning meeting was last week in their headquarters in Kent, and it was 4.5 hours of excellent enjoyment. So now it’s a lot of steady hard work for the next 9 months or so. Yes, there’s a timescale loaded with meaning…

So this blog may be slightly weird for a while, as I can’t post what I am making for the book, obviously. But there will be other things to talk about, undoubtedly.

So, back to the needlepoint- in- waiting, which is about winter and summer, and has a haiku.

A walk in winter

the dream mountains of summer

future memories.



It’s based in part on this image of Welsh mountains, which I have gazed at on many occasions.

It’s from one of my photographs, which I then altered in Photoshop using the cutout filter in the filter gallery. There are quite a few options with this filter; I like the way it simplifies colour into blocks, giving the image the look of one of those wonderful London Transport posters.

I will probably simplify it more when stitching. The other image I wanted to use in the piece is the one below, which I converted to monochrome, as these are the tones I want to use for this area of the needlepoint. It’s a piece of work I made a few years ago, called Snow. It’s about 60 x 20 cm .



Shown below, the images laid down on the canvas.


Below, I cut the mountain image into sections to draw the shapes onto the canvas, as this canvas isn’t particularly see-through.


Below, all drawn out on the canvas, ready to go.


And a lovely selection of yarns to work with.




8 thoughts on “Time to stitch?

  1. Congrats on the book Stephanie, what an exciting project, and I love everything else going on in this post too, it looks like it’s all go!

  2. Wow, where to start? A book… now that’s exciting! Consider me your first sale.
    Great to walk through the design process here too. I think the cut out filter is one of my favourites as that graphic outcome ticks all my boxes. I think the second needlepoint would too as that image translated to black and white just looks so striking. The outcomes for the images remind me of the work of printmaker Sam Martin. I think you’d enjoy looking at her landscape interpretations Steph.

  3. Thanks Lesley! The cutout filter is great isn’t it, it’s just the problem of choosing which level to use; you can’t have it all. I quite often play with filters to de-stress, it’s always fun. Got to love Photoshop.
    I’ll have a look at Sam Martin, thanks for that.

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