I’m so used to blogging fairly regularly that it seems strange not to do so, but it’s quite difficult when you are writing a book, as obviously the publishers don’t want you to show anything at all about its content.

This seems sensible, but since I blog mostly about my work and have been  working away at it solidly, and also visiting my mother who has been in hospital for a few weeks, I feel my existence is rather too dull to bang on about.

But, since I have been feeling the blog itch for a while, here is an effort. I am making a lot of new work for the book, which is in the Search Press Stitched Textiles series, and also writing about my design and making processes. It’s moving forward, but I can’t pretend it has been particularly easy. There has been a lot going on, and peace and quiet and enough good time are in short supply. But I am enjoying it.

Here’s my desk after printing some monoprints. I love the smell of those Gelli plates, is that too strange to admit, one wonders.


These are disturbing times for all of us too, so, as it was our wedding anniversary at the weekend,  we went to a local National Trust property, Coughton Court. This is a Tudor house in Warwickshire, the gardens of which served to cheer and uplift. Well, they are amazing actually, like a huge setting that would be perfect for a Midsummer Night’s Dream. I would love to visit them on a night of full Moon and clear skies.


Into the walled garden.


The rose garden within the walled garden is stunning. I love stripy flowers  too.


And the smells and colours are a balm to the brain.




We seem to have veered towards pink here, but why not, tired of pink, tired of life I say.


IMG_0410 (1)


A luscious hedge.

And below, bees doing what they do, and posing for photographs, naturally.





Above, part of the bog garden.

To continue the colourful theme, a couple of new books I’m enjoying dipping into. A new book is such a cheering thing.


4 thoughts on “Intermittent.

  1. Yes, it is hard sometimes to find the mental space for thinking, doing, writing, and blogging when other aspects of life are dominating. But you had a lovely day in the garden – I hope that will have helped!

  2. I’ve missed your regular contribution Steph as it always gives me food for thought but I can understand how the deadline of producing a book kicks everything else into touch. Glad you had a lovely day out. I was only wittering on yesterday about how much pink we had in the garden and I now realise that that is no bad thing! Happy Anniversary and continued success at the book writing coalface!

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