Quite a lot of art.

Hello and thank you to all the followers and new followers of this blog. Because of work and so on the blog is appearing a little less frequently but all that will hopefully change at some point. This is quite a biggie, so should last for a while…

Life is a little pushed around here at the moment, so a lovely two day break in London last weekend with an old friend was much appreciated.

We spent both days at the Royal Academy, and flanneuring around London,  generally having quite a chilled time. I’ve never been to the Summer Exhibition before, but I enjoyed it more than many of the blockbuster art shows I’ve seen over the years. Art and what we like is simply up to individual preference, and there was a lot of good stuff on show.

Here are a few general views. If you have a spare moment it’s worth going onto the RA website and perusing the galleries.



Spyre by Ron Arad, the camera at the tip of the moving sculpture creepily filming the Courtyard and projecting the result onto the screen. Yes, we did stand there for some time trying to spot ourselves.










The architecture exhibits, working on the theme ‘Unbuilt’ were fascinating; amazing models and drawings, and also the most wonderful wall colour, Hague blue, which I’d quite like to work into our house in some way. I’ve just checked, it’s Farrow and Ball.

And now a few favourites, I had many more.

IMG_0481 (2)

El Anatsui, Avocado Coconut Egg [Ace.] The [Ace] is part of the title, although obviously I did like the piece a lot.


David Mach, All the Fish in the Sea. [And me too; this bit isn’t part of the title.]

IMG_0507 (1)

Aono Fumiaki, Mending, substitution, consolidation, coupling.

IMG_0574 (1)

Roland Hicks, OSB5.

IMG_0525 (1)

Ian Ray, Large Cloud moving south east, Hythe, and Large Cloud moving north east, Dover.

IMG_0496 (1)

India Dewar, Slice of the Multibrane Loaf. [That’s the spelling.]  This was a painted slice of bread, genius.

IMG_0523 (1)

Stephanie Quayle, Man of the Trees.

IMG_0516 (1)

I love this pair, The Areoplane [yes, that’s the spelling] by Annie Whiles.

IMG_0517 (1)

IMG_0524 (1)

Bob and Roberta Smith, What unites human beings is huge and wonderful.

We also saw Bill Jacklin’s gorgeous prints, Ken Howard’s plein-air paintings of Switzerland and David Hockney’s 82 Portraits and 1 Still Life show. I was particularly impressed by his painterly handling of the sitters’ shoes, quite wonderful.

IMG_0605 (1)

Regent Street was closed on Sunday morning for a fun run, so there was a great atmosphere with drumming and music further on in Piccadilly Circus. The street is closed to traffic on Sundays in July, so people were experimenting with wandering around in the middle of the road; it just had to be done. There was more music too, excellent fun.IMG_0542



And, being self indulgent here, a view of the rooftops [and roads] of Bloomsbury from our hotel room.




IMG_0540 (1)

Back soonish!

5 thoughts on “Quite a lot of art.

  1. Some lovely flanneuring here to catch up with.My day to visit the Summer Exhibition will have to wait another year but hoping to get up to MOMA in Machynlleth either this week or in a few weeks time to catch their Summer Open Competition. Can’t beat a day out absorbing ideas and enjoying the talent of these Isles.

  2. The Summer Open at MOMA is usually a very good show. I miss all the visits to Machynlleth and MOMA, we used to go to Wales often; I’ve seen some of my favourite and most inspiring work ever at that gallery.

  3. I think MOMA is going to have to wait for cooler days Steph. After bemoaning the rain we now seem to have gone the other way but you have confirmed for me that it will be a trip worth making.

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