I’ve started work on my new artist’s book this week, using the images and materials, with a few additions of some of my painted fabrics, shown in my last post.

I actually had no idea of what the book was going to be about, and indeed it is still very much a work in progress, but it seems that it will involve trees, memory, doorways, quite a lot of stonyness and some text. And a boat, and mountains, probably. So it’s development has been kicked off by just making a piece of work, based upon an image that I like. Sometimes, in fact perhaps all the time, that’s the way to get going.

Moms 117

This photograph of a little doorway at Castell y Bere in Wales is an image I’ve wanted to work with for some time. This wonderful ruined castle, built in the 1220s by Llywelyn the Great, is on a rocky outcrop in the Dysynni Valley. The area is astonishingly beautiful.

So here’s my piece based upon this doorway, using some richly coloured fabrics in keeping the illuminated manuscript influence that’s also in the air with this project.


The piece laid out, with some threads. I didn’t use the heavier threads that much, as the piece really needed quite subtle stitching, to maintain a strong graphic quality.


The finished piece, on an experimental background, and Khadi paper. It needs ironing. I think I have decided to make this into a hanging book; I’m not sure how many pages yet.

And below, some close ups.dsc_0123


I’ll finish this page, and think about some text. Even though it’s a hanging book it will be a double page spread, so will have an accompanying page, with text and most probably an image or two.

I have some text ready for a piece involving rowans, so that will be my next piece, I think.

8 thoughts on “Doorway.

    1. Thanks Rachel, it does look as if it will be featuring a fair amount of content, and I may add more! That’s usually the way the books go, I have no idea at the start what is going to happen.

  1. The finished piece is so satisfying Stephanie, I do love how you get so much interest and richness into your book pages without them ever looking cluttered, congrats 😊. That background works a treat too.

  2. Thanks Phil, I’ll use that background then!
    Organising the layout of each page in a book is one of my favourite aspects of making them; I do have to be quite firm and remove quite a lot of material at times. That’s why some of the books are quite large, as I don’t want to leave ideas out so will make another spread to accommodate them.

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