A new needlepoint.

I haven’t finished the needlepoint I have been working on recently just yet. I always seem to need to start another just before I do; it’s almost as if it just forces me into the final stretch, eventually.

I think it’s mainly because I need a change of colour palette to work with, needlepoint being, as we know, not the speediest medium. I have no idea why I like doing it, I am quite an impatient and fast moving person. It’s probably the tapestry/digital look, and working with new and luscious materials too. Also, once you have done the design, you just get on with it, so it is quite versatile in terms of listening to stuff, glancing at the tv frequently, and peacefully plodding on.

Having said that, I have done some unpicking already on this one, since I keep trying to include some black, as is my usual wont, and the piece keeps saying no. Unpicking takes longer than stitching; I’ve put the black wool away now, so it no longer tempts me.


Initial sketches.


I drew the design freehand onto some paper, then basically cut the shapes out and draw around them on the canvas.


Above, the piece drawn out on the canvas.  The large leaves on the left will actually be quite pale and ghostlike against the background, and I’ve already, during the stitching process, begun to eliminate those borders around the hill shape. I want the piece to have a sense of space.                                                    It’s about 1.25 m x 70 cm.


Whilst choosing the materials, I realised that this bowl, which is on top of the plan chest where I keep the yarn, was exhibiting some similar colours to the ones I had chosen. I have since decided not to use the blue and the black, but the bowl has influenced me, and I will include some orange.


There’s wool, linen and wool mix, which I love, although it’s not that easy to stitch with, and bamboo.


Above and below, some stitching in progress. Love the little monkey face.




I’d like to say watch this space, but only if you absolutely have nothing else to do; this one is going to take some time.

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