In the blue forest.

I bought a selection of patterned fabrics at the Festival of Quilts in August, and have started to put a piece of work together using them. This is quite a new thing for me, and I certainly enjoyed choosing them. But as you will see the character of them changed slightly as the piece developed…


Here they are. I’ve started to cut them up and arrange them, experimenting with shape and layout. There are one or two prints, of birds and a chameleon, which I decided not to use. I wasn’t sure what I was aiming for at this point, but was interested to see what happened.

I enjoy writing the occasional haiku, so whilst working with the fabrics I decided to write a few words, and so the piece started to come together. This frequently seems to be the way I work now, with text informing the development of the work.

There are seven haiku now, which I did want to include with the piece, but it’s more likely they will be shown separately.


I need a longer table.



The fabrics are lovely but needed softening and personalising. I used white acrylic paint, which I brushed and printed on to the piece after it was constructed on some calico backing. Once a fabric painter, always a fabric painter, it seems.



I don’t usually work with blue, but I love indigo and the soft blues in this piece. And birds always invite themselves along…


I did intend to hand stitch the whole thing, but kept putting it off. I decided this was because I didn’t actually want to, so out came the machine. I like the machine stitched line though, it suits the work, and I will add hand stitched detail in different threads, without the pressure to cover the whole piece.


Back to the machining!


14 thoughts on “In the blue forest.

    1. No, we all need more! Except my daughter it seems, who is a minimalist and doesn’t demand more space, unlike me.
      I was lucky enough to have a large table in a studio I rented for a couple of years, it was a joy, generally completely covered.

  1. There’s some fab fabric here Steph that looks like star constellations. Is that purchased or produced by you? I am looking at the seasonal star maps for some current ideas so am instantly drawn to it and who couldn’t love all that blue and white which always makes me think of Japanese textiles. Beautiful pieces as always.

  2. Hi Lesley, this is Steph, not anonymous, who knows why that happens.
    I have a wonderful old book with monthly constellation maps, in indigo and white. I’ve had it since I was teenager and into astronomy, and I think it’s why I liked this fabric so much.
    It’s purchased, and has turned out to be my favourite. I’ll email you and send you some.

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