Decisions, decisions.

I’m finding it’s time for a rethink of my working practices, most notably sorting out that which I don’t want to do, and also that which I have started, and don’t want to finish.

I have a habit of enthusiastically blogging projects when I start them, and in most cases the work is finished in due course. There are always some things that have to be let go, even though I generally will keep them for a while, get them out every so often, convince myself that of course I want to finish them, and then put them away again.

Two such things are the piece ‘In the blue forest’, my last blog entry, which was ages ago. I used to blog very regularly, but as we all know life has a way of stepping in and using our energies in other ways. I like blogging, so will be more persistent in bringing it back into my life.

‘In the blue forest’ then, started, much fondled, happily discarded. Too big and too draining. Like wise my old pal the  stuffed 3 d raven, from an older post. I loved the idea of him being finished, but came to one day and realised that it wasn’t going to be me who would finish him. He’s unstuffed now, but I still have two flat raven shaped pieces of him.

One or two other pieces have gone a similar route, and I would recommend it if you are bogged down with work you think you ‘should’ finish, but that leaves you slightly depressed when you actually think about doing that. I always think the work that is right for you is that which gets you out of bed in the morning at the thought of it, that you could actually start to do without doing all the things you need to do before you get to do the things you really want to; the work that really excites you.

So I’m spending a little more time sorting and clearing. It gives me brain space, I notice more is what is going on around me, it cheers. I love that people can work in what I view as chaos, who are unaffectedly surrounded by many projects in progress. I used to be more like that, but no longer; we are just all different, and sometimes we change.

I am still working on a selection of needlepoints, and loving it. This one has had a rest due to  other work having to take precedence, but I’m back with it now. This piece is about 40 cm wide.



Unrolling it for the photograph shows I haven’t done as much of it as I thought I had…


Much as I enjoy looking at images on the internet and reading articles, I still love books more. I’m digging out some old favourites, and enjoying a new addition here too.


I bought the Dorothy Tucker book years ago, in a book sale. It’s a gem, with a wonderful mix of work, it just gets me every time. I’ve decluttered a few books over time, and this one has never been on the exit pile.

Celebrating the Stitch helped hugely in setting me on my textile path. It’s still relevant, absolutely full of good stuff, including D R Wagner’s amazing work, a piece of which you can see on the cover. And to further my interest in all things yarn based, Tapestry A Woven Narrative is a recently purchased luscious commentary on contemporary weaving.

More inspirational books next time perhaps.




12 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions.

  1. Very enlightening I now know why I always have things to do before I do the things I want to do; maybe I should move on. Thanks Stephanie

    1. Yes, if it doesn’t thrill you, it’s not the work you need to do. I’ve hung onto things for years, imagining that one day their time will come and I will happily complete them; I never have. The physical space they leave and the mental space their departure creates is worth the initial and inevitable wranglings you go through when you are making the decisions.

  2. Being a great starter and a poor finisher I know all about those projects that get me all excited and then fall by the wayside as another great idea fills my head space and takes over. I usually have an inability to let some things go but lately, I have been doing a massive book cull. It is cathartic!! If I have not read it or looked at it for too long it is off to the charity shop with it. Trouble is I’m now looking at your recommendations and wondering if I’d enjoy that Dorothy Tucker title. I’m sure that filling the empty space with replacements was not part of my original plan….. Great to read a post from you Steph. Happy New year!

    1. Hi Lesley, happy New Year to you. Book culls can be very liberating, I’ve done a couple over the years. It was wonderful to live with the space rather than the packed shelves. After reading your post though I’ve noticed there is quite a lot less space these days, so those replacements have crept in here too; I’m thinking one or two can be moved along…

  3. Stephanie, I CANNOT work in an untidy mess either. A few months ago , I threw out some UFOs, mainly to the charity shop. Felt good to get rid of that stuff which I was NEVER going to finish.
    I do have a Tapestry cushion cover, which I paid a lot for the kit, and I don’t like doing it, it’s not me at all. Finding that embroidery is more my style, but I can’t justify getting rid because of the cost.
    It must be about 8 years old.

    1. It does feel good to get those half done projects out of your space. The same applies I find to materials that we keep for ages, thinking we must use them, mainly because they cost money and had potential at some point. I find that sorting out materials and letting them go helps with creativity too; I work better with a smaller range of materials.
      The kit is a difficult one, I can see your problem, they are not cheap! It may be worth posting the conundrum on Facebook asking for ideas.

  4. Gorgoues needlepoint Stephanie, I do hope that’s a project that gets finished! Thanks for sharing your inner goings on too, it’s heartening; we have such expectations on ourselves I do think it’s important to give ourselves a break and go with the flow sometimes 😉

  5. I hope so too! Still stitching away…
    It’s true, we need to be bold enough at times to take some things out of the basket, as much as we need to sort out a better path. There’s no point forcing yourself to do work that doesn’t truly resonate is there?

  6. I’m with you regarding concentrating on the things that motivate you – I have a stash of ‘almost but not quites’, but I am extremely partial to a book recommendation or several – no chance of a book cull here, so please continue with any recommendations, it’s a category I’m a bit thin on so always looking for inspiration x

    1. Hi Anny!
      I’m enjoying going through my bookshelves at the moment, so there will be a few more posts featuring my favourite books. I too enjoy it when people recommend their favourite books; there’s so much that can slip through the net.
      I’m a lot happier since I’ve sorted my work. No use forcing yourself to finish anything if it no longer grabs you. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go as we still invest it with our original enthusiasm!

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