Moving things along.

In my last post I gathered some images and ideas together with the intention of starting a new piece of work. So here is its progress, so far.

I started by making a patterned design from my image of the mystery king shown in my last post, using Photoshop. I printed this and one or two other images onto calico and linen, to make some interesting fabric to use in the piece.


This image shows a mix of photographs, screen printed fabric, metallic fabric and the digitally printed fabric. The digital prints are the kings, the fine black lines on white are actually a Photoshopped image of our magnolia in bloom, then there’s the mosaic floor of the V&A and the library, and a winter tree in a local field. The open book is a print on Khadi paper, which I couldn’t quite squeeze into the piece.


A close up of the kings fabric.


Two fabric pieces and two photographs that influenced the colour scheme. I knew it would involve black and white, but the stark branches, and the blue and yellow of the apples image inspired me to base the whole piece upon this particular photograph. The blue wasn’t right for the piece however, but the apples and branches worked with the long landscape format.

I usually find that I gather too much stuff, both visual resources and materials, and whittle it down as the piece progresses. I think we are so enthusiastic at the start of a project that we want to put all our favourite things in. Making a truly huge piece along the lines of some of the enormous tapestries I saw in the V&A would be amazing.


I decided to use the three largest pieces of fabric in a sort of triptych arrangement; simple is always best, and it meant I didn’t have to cut into them either. They are A4 sized. Then it was thread decision time, and after that, time to machine stitch the piece.

I was going to stitch the piece entirely by hand, but I like the drawn stitched line, and this is quite a large piece that could absorb more detail with ease.


A few close ups of the machine stitching.




Choosing threads for hand stitching and beads.

And below, the whole piece,  which is about 90 x 39 cm.dsc_0051-1

Back soon with another favourite book and also some related small pieces I am making.

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