Clearing the decks.

I’m quite intent upon finishing some work that’s been in a state of either transition or just languishing, and have actually succeeded in doing so this week, so it’s great to feel that I can entertain some new projects. I have no idea what the new projects are yet either, so that makes it even more fun.

I do know I have need for some good thumping colour. I was going to enter a black and white piece I have into Art Quilt Masters at the Festival of Quilts; I must point out this is selected, so it’s inclusion was never assured. However, it just doesn’t seem to be me, in terms of colour,  or the way I want my work to be at the moment, so it’s not going to happen. I quite surprised myself with that decision.

Having said that, of course the first finished piece, here below, is in rather quiet blues.


It’s Into the Blue Forest, 100 x 40 cm. This is the version without the haiku I have written which sparked the whole idea. They are still brewing in a book form; this too has been revised since my last post and I am tempted to make it into a smaller, compact and somehow more personal book. I can’t believe I’m thinking of going smaller, everything with me usually grows and grows to fill all available space.

I’m thinking a small collection of books to fit into a little satchel may be interesting, to take on your journeys. I have more stories that need a home, so this could be something to think about.

On a spare canvas I mounted this already existing piece of work from a series I made called Natural Histories. It’s 100 x 40 cm too, and is called Shooting Stars. The background is painted Khadi paper.

I’ve decided that I am going to augment new work with existing work which is basically just in storage, to give it a new life and get it out in the world.

And below here are a few small pieces ready to be finished. They are all about 18 cm square, appliqué on painted calico.

I’ve been browsing my small collection of interior design books lately. I admit I love books on this subject in equal measure to art books.

These are two of my favourites, both bought second hand. I have a book token from a friend that’s burning a hole in my pocket at the moment, and I bet I’ll spend it on a lifestyle/interior design book; trouble is, there are hundreds of them out there – which to choose?


10 thoughts on “Clearing the decks.

  1. True, it’s the only way to stop things becoming stale. I think the best way for me is to finish a project before starting another, otherwise things tend to pile up and the initial excitement dissipates…

  2. I love the idea of a satchel of poems, I hope you can do it, I so enjoy still the book I bought from you last year.

  3. Thanks Sue, the idea came to me as I was writing this post, so it’s sufficiently new and interesting to really grab me! I’m happy you are enjoying the book too, many thanks.

  4. Sounds like lots of creative energy flowing Stephanie. Shooting stars is knockout, so beautiful and with layers and layers of detail to go into, I love it!

    1. Thanks Phil! I must admit that now I’ve finished some work that has been around for a while I do feel a delicious freedom. I’m not entirely sure how I will use that freedom yet, but it’s so good to have a clear space both physically and mentally.

  5. Hello Steph, I’ve just been catching up and I’m so sorry about your mum. Hope you’re ok, I remember how it felt when we lost our mum and even though it was all perfectly natural it can still hit you hard when you least expect it. Anyway, thinking of you. Love the work – looking forward to seeing some more. Ax

  6. Hi Anny, many thanks for your kind comment. You are right, it is natural and we are lucky if a parent lives to a good age. We don’t like it when things change do we, but there we are.
    I’m glad you like the work, more will follow. I seem to be getting back into it, happily.

  7. I was hooked on the first line when I read the words ‘with intent!’. I love the idea of books in a satchel or a suitcase. I hoard little boxes and tins with the same intent (ha!) but never fill them up. Perhaps I’m just a kleptomaniac for the minutiae of life. I definitely fit into that category bookwise and that voucher would burn a hole in my pocket too. I can recommend Etcetera by Sybilla Court, a joy for a natural history fiend like you!

  8. Books in a suitcase would be wonderful, like an encyclopaedia salesman. I am planning to make the satchel of books, hopefully. I’m never sure whether I shoild mention these ideas since so many fall by the wayside!
    You should fill some of those boxes Lesley, I’m sure they would be amazing.
    I love Sybilla Court books, but don’t own one, so that is a very good idea…

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