One day the kitchen will be tidy…

For the last couple of weeks the kitchen has been full of boxes and folders of work and materials, wrapped work and the sewing machine. This is because last week I was in Kent, at Search Press in Tunbridge Wells, working on the photography shoot for my book The Natural World. This will be published next year.

It was quite pressured concentrated work, but that was what I expected and I really enjoyed it. Putting these books together involves so many people, and is astonishingly complex; it’s fascinating. My editor and the photographer were great to work with, and I may have to go back there if is room for another project, which I hope will happen; I think I am slightly addicted to the process.

Now that is done, the kitchen is once again filling up with work for a show I have a stand at at the NEC in Birmingham next week. It’s the Stitching and Sewing Show, and there is an attached Hobbycraft show too.

The stand isn’t just mine, I’m sharing it with my good friend Sue Bibby. We have a large gallery space so it is a great opportunity to show a good amount of work. Come to see us on stand G26.

I can’t show images of any of the work for the book, but here are some pieces I’m making at the moment. I will also be working on these at the show, as we are both demonstrating on the stand.

These zig zag artist’s books will be finished with stitch and beads, to add texture, detail, and more colour. They are made from pre-cut and folded Khadi paper, and measure 45 x 15 cm.The turtles are swimming off the pages in this initial layout, which seems fair enough. They are made from painted and printed calico, stiffened with Khadi paper. I want to add some beach glass to the piece too, so this book will be backed with another zig zag strip for strength. Below you can see the two Khadi books, painted with inks. In fact all the books will be doubled, as I like the extra thickness.

The other pieces I am using in this book are some images of fossils I took, and played with in Photoshop. They are printed on canvas paper, and already have some beads and stitch added, as they were headed for another project which didn’t happen.

This book, above, will be backed with the painted strip shown above the main piece. I have attached all the appliquéd fabrics ready to be stitched; I prefer everything to be in place before I get going.

These two books were made from an embroidery I cut up and played around with; I must admit that’s something I really enjoy, as quite a lot of the work is already done. The little lizard is going to have more beads added to bling him up, and the backs will undoubtedly be zingy greens and reds.

The show is on from Friday June 30 until Sunday July 2. There’s lots to see, from the Knitted Beach to Japanese embroidery, Kimono dressing and lots of individual artists and groups, and of course many trade stands.

4 thoughts on “One day the kitchen will be tidy…

  1. You sound as if you have experience Rachel. They are very intense, and you certainly have to get everything right first time in the step by steps and so on. That said, I did expect that and it was satisfying to work through the material, and a relief we got it all done and that my editor seemed happy with it all.

  2. That sounds like a book that I shall be pre-ordering then! Good luck with it and the show next week. I’m off to teach a weekend workshop in Cheshire today all about the variety in accordion folds so I shall point them in the direction of your blog. Plus, they are all embroiderers so the book will have double the appeal! As for that kitchen…good luck with that too….

  3. Thanks Lesley, I fear the kitchen will never quite make it, there’s always the next thing…
    I hope the workshop goes well, I’ll look forward to seeing the work produced after they see your inspirational books.

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