In the book corner.

This week I’ve been finishing some zig zag books, and getting some new books ready to be stitched. The new books will  be quite a long project, as they will need to be machine stitched and finished with hand stitch before I bind them. Then I intend to make the satchel I mentioned earlier for them, so that should keep me quiet for a while, especially if I stitch it in needlepoint, which I would like to. Better start that first, I think.

I’ve decided to add some finished pieces to the satchel too, which I will show at some point. These include a boxed book I made some time ago that has never been out into the world, and who knows what else will appear. Its going to need to be quite a large satchel…




And one that’s still being stitched, below.


And here are the new books, their pages in a neat pile, waiting for their turn. I had some words that needed to be put down, a selection of very short stories/paragraphs and observations. They’re illustrated with digital images of my work; I’ll post them as I finish them.


10 thoughts on “In the book corner.

  1. Yes it is I think. When I first thought of the idea the satchel I envisioned was quite small and neat. It’s now not going to be small at all, I think it may have to be a suitcase…

  2. I loved the idea of the satchel cum suitcase when you first mentioned it but I didn’t expect you would make it in needlepoint! My mind is already working overtime calculating the hours that will involve but you are nothing if not fearless Steph so if you start it I know it will get done.

  3. Well I think I’ll give it a go in needlepoint Lesley, I’m just finishing a large piece at the moment and the satchel will be smaller, so I feel as if I’ve taught myself to cope with the glorious plod of needlepoint!

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