The Festival of Quilts 2017.

I was in the happy position of neither having my own stand nor being involved in a stand at the Festival this year, my first year off for at least 10 years. It was wonderful to just visit the show for a change.

Here are a few of my favourites. There seemed to be a very healthy amount of quilts in the competitions, with a high standard of work throughout, and the professional galleries were mostly very good too. I particularly enjoy the non professional work; so much care and love has been put into some amazing pieces.

Without meaning to I managed to buy some fabric. I didn’t go too crazy, which is commendable, bearing in mind that buying fabric is very high on my list of things that I really like to do.

I’ll be back working at the show next year, on the Art Textiles: Made in Britain stand, and very much looking forward to it.

So here are a few favourites.

Elly van Steenbeek.

Helen McBride Richter.

Mary Palmer and Anne Kiely, above and below.

Below, several images of one of my favourite galleries, featuring the work of Diana Harrison.


Bethan Ash.

Annabel Rainbow painting live and raising money for Save the Children, in another of my favourite galleries, Through Our Hands.

Above, admirers in Ineke Berlyn’s gallery, a friend and brilliant textile artist. Some of her wonderful dresses are below.


Sumandip Dhesi.

Anne Forgan. I loved this, it was called, I think, ‘My Ageing Face.’

Janice Gunner.

Margaret Ramsay, winner of the Fine Art Textiles category.




6 thoughts on “The Festival of Quilts 2017.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing some of your favourite pieces. So lovely to be able to see some of the work on display.

  2. What a great selection from the FOQ. I have never been but suspect this is the tip of the iceberg isn’t it Steph? Lovely to be introduced to names that are new to me that I can now research online and have a good old trawl through. I had never come across Diana Harrison until earlier this year when I read about her work on the blog of Helen Terry. I am very taken with her work and her whole approach to it so think it must have so absorbing to see all this in one place. Lucky you!

  3. I thought Diana Harrison would appeal to you Lesley; there was more in her gallery than I have shown and she has produced a great catalogue too, which sold out at the show.
    You’ll seriously have to venture to the Festival one of these years, there is so much going on.

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