Moving the needlepoints along.

I started this needlepoint in December 2015, and have just finished it. Phew.

It did rest for a while, as I have the habit of starting other needlepoints, [ this is not a good idea ] and also making my fabric and mixed media pieces, which move along more quickly. Needlepoints go into a different time continuum as they approach their completion, just to really irritate you. Those last few rows will not let themselves be hurried.

This one started like this, as a collage; the bird image is a screen print from one of my drawings. You will see the blue was edited out in the final piece.

Below, the drawing on the canvas.

And the finished piece with some close ups. It’s about 55 x 55 cm, 21.5 x 21.5 inches. I used a variety of yarns, including linen, wool and cotton.

It’s vaguely skewiff and needs blocking.

Optimistic as always, I will say now that I’ll be back soon with yet another finished needlepoint…

3 thoughts on “Moving the needlepoints along.

  1. I say the girl deserves a medal for persistance and gritty determination! The finished result is beautifully realised and I look forward to the next one being revealed. I take my hat off to you Steph.

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