Happy New Year!

More images than words in this post, well, not really, but hopefully not too much in the way of text.

A little round up of finished work, work in progress, and shots of some rather nice materials.

First, some work waiting to have some hand stitch applied and to be mounted and finished.

This is In the Blue Forest, based upon some haiku I wrote earlier in the year. This piece has been through several permutations, which is basically the way it works with me and multiple part pieces; many changes are made before I’m happy with the arrangement.

The Light through the Trees, also based upon some haiku. These two pieces will be framed when completed; I have a few exhibitions coming up this year so they will earn their keep.

Above, Yellow Birds, a piece which has a story attached, which may appear in the finished work, or at least beside it when it’s exhibited.

A little screen print of one of my favourite bird drawings; he looks quite worried this chap, in need of reassurance. The needlepoint they have been photographed on is actually finished, but I have yet to hang it on the wall to photograph it properly. It’s serving as a useful background in several shots though.

Some rather lovely yarns from Blacker Yarns, a birthday present in early December. They’re below too. I don’t want to un-hank them.

Below, a chunky winter journal that I completed just before Christmas, using a mix of papers and some fabric too. It’s a collection of memories, textile pieces, and a story I wrote, Mistletoe, which I hope to also turn into a needlepoint. This may drive me nuts as I am planning, at this stage, to include the text stitched into the piece. This is not a definite, I’m still at that lovely stage of imagining it done before it’s even started.

Below, a needlepoint in progress, a little Gouldian finch. This one is moving along quite well due to the holiday season.

And to finish, a recently finished jolly needlepoint, Two Leaves, 40 x 22 cm. I decided upon a few colours to use to start with, but then reverted to my usual habit of choosing as I went along. An interesting seasonal shift happened, moving from winter on the left, to spring in the middle, and summer on the right; then in the corner perhaps a bit of autumn and early winter moving back in.

So, there we are, work to be getting on with, finish, and then new pieces to start on, when these are done. Yes, they must be finished first, and that’s as close as I am coming to a New Year’s resolution.

So, Happy New Year! This year may your creativity blossom, your inspirations flow, and may you give yourself enough time and space to have a go at all those new ideas and projects you have in mind.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Steph,
    Happy New Year to you also and what a busy one it looks like it might be! I am drooling over all these pictures ; that lovely indigo fabric again, the words and the needlepoint. That last one of the leaves has the look of Matisse about it.
    But the best of all is the book…. sigh… I want it….. what a joy. I hope the pages mean you were also out last night in the wee small hours like me looking at the Supermoon. It was just like daylight here and to be able to see the surface of the moon with my little binoculars was fantastic. I am taking this as a sign that this year is going to shine brightly for all. Certainly hope so and shall look forward to continued drooling over your pages here!

  2. Thanks Lesley, I hope you have a great year ahead. That Moon was amazing, it lit the house throughout most of the night. I love a full Moon, although it always makes me a little hyper active.

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