A romp through the RA.

I love the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, and this year I was lucky enough to visit it again. It’s an annual pleasure and such good fun. There’s so much to see and it’s so diverse that there’s no pressure, you’re never going to see or remember all or even a good sized part of it so you can just relax. Of course in adopting that approach you probably do actually remember more of what you’ve seen, and of course photographs help. So, here’s a shot of one of the working areas, a corridor where they store the odd statue and all the spare coat hangers, of course, as we all do. I confess to finding these behind the scenes areas as fascinating as the exhibitions at times.

In the courtyard, Anish Kapoor’s Symphony for a beloved daughter.

Grayson Perry’s yellow rooms.

Infinity by Olga Lomaka.

Anthro Earth by Jess Warby. There seemed to be more textiles in the show this year than I’d seen before, could it be Grayson Perry’s influence?

Reflections in the artist’s spectacles by Anthony Green RA.

Living by the sea, with your dog, what’s not to like. In between the islands by Jenny Wheatley.

I always enjoy some Joana Vasconcelos. This is Royal Valkyrie.

Half and half art by Russell Davies and Ben Terrett.

Europe running through my veins by Tisna Westerhof. Says it all.

Vegetable portraits, one of my favourite genres. Runner by Jane Hopper.

Above, Gnasher, and below, Rufus 3rd, by Timothy Blewitt. These were amazing pieces, attracting much attention.

This was a very large piece, Le village Hollandais by Jock McFadyen RA.

Below, loved the silver foil wall covering.

Eggy Pop by Gary Miller, and Fergus by Peter Jones.

Red bear by Debbie Lawson.

Above and below, some models from the architecture room. These always amaze me.

Centre above, a large mixed media piece by El Anatsui, Hon RA.

On the left, Maritsa by the late Gillian Ayres RA.

More general views, with below, Temporary fence by Graham Guy-Robinson.

Above and below, two enormous pieces by David Hockney, Inside it opens up as well, and, Seven trollies, six and a half stools, six portraits, eleven paintings and two curtains.

I love the wall colours the individual room curators choose, from Grayson Perry’s bright yellow, to the silver foil, pearlescent  blue in the architecture room, turquoise blue and this yummy pink.

Il letto by Geoff Uglow, above, and the sculpture is Pissenlit 3 by Amanda Benson.

Below, Young academician by Yinke Shonibare RA, followed by a view of one of the print rooms.

Well, there we are for another year. It's always tempting to give it a go and 
enter a piece of work for consideration, who knows, next year perhaps...