A few more stories.

I’ve finished laying down the last few pages of my Stories project, and to keep everything as adjacent as possible, ie two posts together on the same subject, here they are.

The first three images show a variety of pages, with the final image being just one page. They are all A3.

So this project will be one I will be working on for quite a while, so probably now won’t be seen until it’s finished. How it will be displayed is something I hope will unfold as I complete the pages with stitch and so on.

I had an excellent time last week at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham, in the Art Textiles: Made in Britain gallery. I had spent a great deal of time over the last 6 months organising this space, so was more than relieved it went so well. I would point out that other members of the group contributed too, as it is a huge undertaking.

It’s a fabulous group of very talented textile artists, and to say the stand was popular would be an understatement. Enough bigging us up, here’s a few images. There are more on our website, link below, and Facebook.

 The above two images show some of my work from the gallery, Dark Tiger, a mixed media series of panels, 2.5 m x 80 cm, and Nest, 60 cm diameter, made from various wires, stitched paper, plastic, wood, and pebbles.


All text and images, and text within the work is copyright Stephanie Redfern.

4 thoughts on “A few more stories.

  1. Mmmm……… the lady walking with intension towards those books. That would remind me of ME!! I laughed at the person on her hands and knees. I expect everybody had a laugh at that.
    I do like the way you have mounted those lovely pieces with canes.!

  2. Ha, you must have just missed Lou lying flat out on the floor under the desk! She has some strange habits but she’s a lovely girl.
    Glad you liked the canes, I wrestled with them for days trying to get them to behave…

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