Something colourful.

I’ve been making and finishing some fairly colourful pieces lately, using some newly purchased fabrics, and a mix of my own painted and printed fabrics. I have an urge every so often to break out and use a lot of colour; I’m not colour shy but have tended mostly in the past to use it more circumspectly on black or white backgrounds.

I must say it’s been fun, but, I’m ready for a bit of subtlety now! My brain keeps presenting me with white textured surfaces and esoteric subject matter, so I’d better listen I suppose.

Talking of colour, it has been a wonderfully coloured and long lasting autumn this year; todays grim rain may put an end to that, but as I write this the holly tree in our garden is as heavily berried as it’s ever been. Lots to eat for the birds, who generally strip it well before Christmas, so when I bring some holly indoors I have to augment it with some fake berries on twigs.

I do however have a new project to work on that may demand less white and more colour, one that I’m quite exited about, so that will undoubtedly appear in these pages. The esoteric white pieces may have to wait.

So, some finished pieces. These are around 45 x 45 cm.

And the piece below in progress, which is now finished but I didn’t photograph it, unfortunately. I add painted papers to the pages of the black concertina book on a regular basis. I like the act of simplifying a shape and collage is the best tool for that, I find. The shapes then find their way into other pieces of work, but I do love the way the book looks too.

I’ve also started to make some individual pieces based, vaguely, on log cabin blocks. Some are less obviously vaguely log cabin than others. These are quite colourful but I imagine I will tone them down by stitching across them with off – white thread. I’m not sure yet, but they will be displayed together in some way. They are quite addictive to construct! There are 14 so far.

I’ve used digitally printed images, on fabric, of my own drawings, work and photographs, with a mix of other fabrics. They are each about 25 x 25 cm.

Lastly, some watercolour and collage work, with no particular destination, for the moment, at least…

Enjoy whatever you are working on at the moment!


10 thoughts on “Something colourful.

  1. Those two birds on that beautiful blue fabric background are absolutely joyous. Makes me me want to make some collage birds all of my own ,but in paper as I don’t have your talent with fabric! Great to see your own personal take on the log cabin block too. They are so effective and so ‘you’. That illustrative ‘natural history’ signature feel is loud and clear on these. Fantastic series….. what next?
    As a PS you are so right about this year’s autumn colour. Isn’t it intense? Just beautiful, I agree,

    1. Thanks Lesley, you should have a go with some birds, they would look great in your elegant style. In terms of what’s next, I MUST NOT start anything new, I must finish the log cabins before I do! However, obviously I’m just about to start experimenting with a new idea, it’s much more fun starting than finishing…

  2. Love your moth log cabin. Do you use your own treated fabric to digitally print or use pre treated sheets? I’m trying to make my mind up which looks best on my own samples. I have a feeling my own cotton fabric might print better.

    1. Hi Liz, many thanks.
      I used some pre treated fabric for the moth, it’s quite textured cotton, which suits some subjects but not all. I also used some pre treated cotton poplin for one or two other pieces, which is much nicer. I wouldn’t buy the textured cotton again.

      I use white cotton too, not treated at all, and that prints very well, I just attach it to some freezer paper. Obviously that would be no use should the piece need washing, as the pre treated fabric, after following various procedures [ none of which I can remember at the moment ] is washable.

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