New work and blossom, it must be spring.

March nearly at an end, what’s going on. Time, you move too fast. It’s great to have the blossom and spring flowers back again; I love a cherry tree and magnolias, particularly when they are in in bud. And there have been even more sunny days this week during which I find myself tidying the garden instead of working. Also the thing is with flowers, inside and out, is that I just can’t stop looking at them; better though than obsessively staring at screens.

So, a little update, featuring some new work, the recent Fashion and Embroidery show at the NEC in Birmingham, and some images from a couple of days in London.

First of all, a couple of images, above and below, of a piece of work called Fossil I, in progress. This was shown, when finished, in the Eclectica Textile Artists gallery at the Fashion and Embroidery Show at the NEC Birmingham, earlier this month. I’m a member of Eclectica and I also had a stand which I shared with my friend, textile artist Sue Bibby.

When finished it was strung together vertically. I forgot to photograph it…       It features some of my new porcelain pieces, which are finding their way into quite a few new pieces now.

Below are some of them. These are part of my new large piece of work called Stories of the Lost and the Found. Each piece will illustrate some of my words or poems; there are quite a few more in the pipeline.

Starting the first piece. This illustrates a spring poem called The Bridge of Branches. The text will be displayed next to each finished hoop. Below, the finished piece. It is 26cm/10 inches in diameter.

The piece below illustrates a poem about spring called A Radiance.

And below, a work in progress, a piece with no definite words as yet, I just wanted to use the porcelain moths.

Below, a hoop in its early stages, which will illustrate some words entitled Nest. All the pieces are a mix of fabric, paper, porcelain pieces, and other media, with hand stitch.

To round off the work section, here’s an image of our stand at Fashion and Embroidery earlier this month. It was a very enjoyable show, not least because we met and talked to so many people, old friends and hopefully new ones too. The two big pieces on the right are older chaps I decided to get out for an airing; it was nice to hang them again.

And now, a couple of days in London, looking at art and design and relaxing.

Firstly, the Dior show at the V&A, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, which was fabulous. It’s very, very popular, in fact fully booked until its very end in September. Here are a few images; I took a lot.

I want this one, and quite a few others too please, but this one first. Wonderful embroidery and surfaces throughout the show ensured there was something for every textile obsessive.

Below, part of the ceiling in one of the galleries, endless paper leaves and flowers, ephemeral and luscious.

We also went to see the Bonnard exhibition at Tate Modern. Loved the garden and landscape pieces, and the colours, and the to me collaged look of the work.

Whilst at Tate Modern we looked in at the Franz West exhibition, which is really interesting, covering the work of an artist who worked in a very wide variety of media, including these giant painted steel sculptures, and rather wonderful heads.

Below, I don’t usually post images of myself,  but I love this coat. Not Dior though, more M&S…


16 thoughts on “New work and blossom, it must be spring.

  1. What a lovely, lively, inspiring post Stephanie, just right for Spring 🙂 Looks like a super stall you had at the Fashion and Embroidery show there, and those porcelain moths are fab!

  2. Love the coat … and the hair!! And Red Tree is a favourite of mine .. lovely to see her out on show xx

  3. You had me at the moths! Beautifully imagined and presented so stylishly. I have no fashion style or sense but I think I’d enjoy the Dior event. That last dress is stunning in the photo so I can only imagine what it was like up close and personal. So much going on with you, busy as usual!

  4. Pleased you enjoyed the moths Lesley; there’s some black and white ones in the pipeline.
    The Dior is, I think, a must for all artists and designers, as important to see as any show of paintings or any other art. The settings were a joy too, so well thought out and clever.

  5. Lovely work as always. I recently bought some lovely fabric at C4C to make an interesting coat with. I may even achieve that one day!
    Isn’t time horrible. Just as you’re getting the hang of things and want more time to do them it seems to speed up horribly.

  6. That does seem to be the nature of time Amanda, as soon as you find something you love doing it just wizzes by. This never happened when I was a civil servant, or in any of my other tedious office and so on jobs. Bloody hands on the clock barely moved then!

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