April’s progress.

I’m not going to bang on too much about the passing of time, as I seem to usually, but I have noticed that these monthly blogs roll around increasingly quickly…

At the moment I am concentrating on stitched illustrations for a book project, Stories of the Lost and the Found. Most of the illustrations are in hoop format. I am enjoying this, a lot; they are easy to handle and I don’t have that sense of needing to rush them in any way, as they don’t overwhelm.

They also seem to have provided a vehicle, at last, for my interest in illustrated manuscripts. I’ve been admiring these for many years in books and exhibitions, their detail, colours, and richness, but I’ve never really worked out a way to involve their influence in my work. Then it just sort of happens; the smaller format undoubtedly is a bonus, enabling the exploration of making of many smaller pieces using a variety of colours and media.

So here are a few more in the series. It divides mainly into four seasons, although I’m not proceeding through the year in an orderly manner, as you will see.

The Paths to Trees, a spring piece.

A summer illustration, He moves through his world.

The Bluebirds and the Moon, spring.

In the Blue Forest, summer.

A summer day, summer, predictably.

A walk in winter, winter. The same bird as above, that one is a thermofax print, this one is a screen print. He’s one of my favourite birds.

Rowan I and II, autumn.

A piece in progress, A narrow indigo cloud; autumn.

And some of the latest porcelain pieces I’ve made, for mixed media work. I’m pleased that some of these are finding their way into this series of work, the hoops make a good firm support for them. I will use those above in some fossil related work too.

I’m planning and very much looking forward to a couple of printmaking sessions at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham with a couple of friends. We aim  then to do a day long demonstration one Saturday early next year, at the gallery, followed by a joint exhibition in the lower gallery. So I’m digging out the lino cut tools, and starting to put together some collagraphs too. I’m not certain but I may be using Venice as a subject, probably in combination with flora and fauna, knowing myself as far as I do.

Below, a few earlier lino cuts. I may print a few of these off too. They are quite well used, having been printed on paper and fabric, and used with clay too, over the last few years. Plenty to get on with then!

16 thoughts on “April’s progress.

  1. Stephanie, I love this hoop series! I’ve been wanting to do some in this format for too long now! You’ve inspired me, once again, to get to it! Those birds are just wonderful, so much character!

  2. Thanks Janis, as you’ve probably gathered I do love the hoops. I know it’s not new to make and exhibit work in hoops but like you it’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while. It’s fairly addictive!

  3. They’re all so lovely and different but all stand together too.
    When I did silver clay the tutor used to fire porcelain in her kiln. Now I don’t do silver clay I’ve thought of trying it my kiln, another thing on the long list. I have to play with more glass fusing first though.

  4. Oh I have forgotten the name of it now!! I think `in the blue forest1. Thaat is absolutely beautiful. They are all lovely though. All the best and happy stitching.

  5. So good to read above that there are more in the pipeline. You know I love your pieces but that ‘summer day’ one is just beautiful. Very quiet. Very still and quite understated. Magical!

  6. Thanks Lesley, I think it will illustrate the words well. I’m hoping to make at least one more quiet piece, they are, on the whole, quite an active bunch.

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