I’m writing this blog post on the hottest day of the year so far, which means I am inside, as outside in this weather is my version of hell! I like summer in many ways though, just not these hot spots; ideally I like a nice 20 degrees, no more, please. And the hot nights are so disarming.

This month I’ve been to London on a gallery binge. We went for three days to see the Summer Exhibition, which I love, Van Gogh and Britain at Tate Britain, and Mary Quant at the V&A. We also took in the Food exhibition at the V&A, which was unusual take on what we eat, very cleverly curated.

So, a few images, starting with Mary Quant, which I very much enjoyed. I was too young to wear her clothes for the best part but hers was a name I grew up with and it was interesting to be reminded of what a creative phenomenon she was, and also incredibly successful.

I love a bit of pvc, and these paper carrier bags are fabulous. I want the lime green boots, below.

Onto the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. It was coordinated this year by Jock McFadyen, which must be a task that is both enormous and labyrinthine, and great when it’s over. There was an interesting BBC programme about it, but I think it’s now gone from iPlayer, which is a shame as the show is still on…

Here are just a few images. As you can imagine there is rather a lot on show in this exhibition; here are some general views to start with, followed by a couple of personal favourites; there were many more.

Below is the Wohl Central Hall where the theme was animal based art. I loved this as my work has always been animal orientated, I’ve rarely used a human as a subject.

Elizabeth Vicary

Melissa Scott-Miller

Michael Dean

Elizabeth Magill

Tim Shaw RA

David Mach RA

And to finish the gallery section of this post, a couple of images from the Van Gogh show. I would like to see this exhibition again, one visit wasn’t enough.

Onto what I’ve been up to creatively this month. I’m coming to the end of my hoop work, and here are three finished forest pieces, below.

25 cm/10 inch hoops, mixed media including fabric, porcelain and stitch.

I’ve finished and will soon be delivering my entry for the Art Quilt section at the Festival of Quilts, which opens on Thursday August 1st. It’s a piece on three canvases, each measuring 120 x 40 cm, and is called Three Poems.

These images show work in progress and the finished piece.

And to finish off, at long last I got to indulge my untested interest in indigo dyeing, in a class taught by Helen Lane at mac, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. She is a great tutor and we all turned out some great dyed fabrics and papers. Interestingly we all wore blue except one person who wore black, which was also a sensible choice. However, very little splashing and extra curricular dyeing happened; I got some blue freckles on my face and a fetching blue arm. I could become addicted to the process, and I am seriously aware that there’s still a lot to learn.

Some samples and equipment.

Some of my tied bundles ready to go into the dye vat.

A couple of my pieces and some nice new socks! Helen rather wittily gave us all a pair of socks to dye, brilliant idea.

Phew, that’s it for July, thanks for visiting! Blimey it’s boiling out there, I’m sitting in a nice draught at the moment.

Back in August, hopefully but doubtfully in cooler conditions.

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  1. Well it looks like you’ve been very busy, despite the heat Stephanie. I’m definitely slowing down during this heatwave, I don’t feel like doing anything. The quilt is looking fantastic, what wonderful textures, all working together, congrats on a very productive month it looks like 🙂

  2. I am no fan of the heat yet I crave the light that these days bring. Can’t have it both can we? Your thoughts on Van Gogh echo the comments by a friend who has been to see it. She said she could easily repeat the visit again… and again…. Good luck with that piece at FOQ. You have such style and I hope it stands out in the crowd…. of course, if you were wearing those lime green boots they couldn’t miss you or your fantastic work!

  3. I like 20 to 24 personally but really love the cool autumn and a crisp winter. I think it’s being able to get out and about with the dogs more. The heat is so limiting! Your work is fabulous as always, I hope you do well at FoQ! 🤞

    1. Thanks Amanda, like you I love cooler temperatures as I really liven up. I’m loving your moth images and sketch pad. I really must do a blog roll of my favourite blogs to share the pleasure I get from them all; after the Festival of Quilts perhaps.

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