Nearly November.

It’s the end of the month, again, and time for a quick romp through October.

I started these pieces some time ago, and have now machine stitched them. This image, above, shows them in their unstitched state. This is quite an achievement as I can’t keep my machine out due to lack of space and I am particularly lazy about getting it from under the table and constructing it.

Here we go, a close up. Now to the hand stitching and beading part, which I like, as it’s quiet and I can listen to podcast and radio programmes without being plugged in and getting tangled up in cables.

These chaps and the following piece were also under the needle. These pieces are quite large, about 70 x 50 cm/20 x 27 inches. I’m looking forward to finishing them, but then comes the ever thorny question of what next, frame, free hanging or canvas?

I will decide later…

A piece of work ready to go into a hoop, for some evening stitching. It’s red cotton with a torn and cut lino cut print. I keep promising to put some prints on my blog but I’ve only done a couple, and I keep ripping them up for collage work. I love fine, beautiful lino cuts, but tend to do rather vigorous pieces myself.

All ready to go.

And here it is, done, but not yet stretched, so it looks a bit messy at the moment. It may be the start of a new artist book about trees.

A finished piece, above, made using some of the indigo fabric I dyed during the summer. Lovely hot sunny days of printing and dyeing in the garden…

This will be going to the RBSA Galleries Members and Associates show in November, along with the red bird piece from my last post. Just need to get them framed up, one of my grit your teeth and get on with it jobs.

Now, above, this is the start of a new rainforest piece, using more indigo fabric and some of the other fabric I dyed during the summer. The leaves were photographed in the orchid house at Winterbourne Botanic Gardens here in Birmingham, about as close to the rainforest as I will probably get.  It’s a very good place for tea and cake too, possibly comestibles that are quite difficult to come across in the actual rainforest.

The piece will also function as a teaching aid for a course I’m teaching this weekend called, predictably, Textile Rainforest. No problem with describing what the course is all about then. I am very much looking forward to seeing what we produce, the variety of work is always excellent.

And lastly, in terms of my work, another largish piece, Fossil Moon, which will go into the Art Textiles Found exhibition, which will launch at the Festival of Quilts next year at the NEC, Birmingham.

Its ingredients are photo transferred indigo fabric on cotton, and the Moon is a collection of my porcelain fossil pieces, on silk covered Khadi paper. This one will be hand stitched. It’s what it wants.

So, a couple of good exhibitions this month, both at the Midlands Arts Centre here in Birmingham, one of my very favourite places.

These drawings are enormous and amazing, that’s all I can say. The show is called The Hills are Shadows, and the work is by Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane, who work together. They are also working on a piece in situ for a few hours each day, for the first few weeks of the show.

I’ve had to keep visiting, peering and marvelling.

There’s also a great show of work there by Graham Chorlton, called Suburb. These are paintings of suburban streets familiar in every way to those I grew up and live in. Strangely, I would love to own several of these gorgeous atmospheric pieces, presumably so I could have suburbs inside as well as outside.

Briefly, from the city to the depths of the countryside; Hanbury Hall’s Apple Festival, with pumpkins. Hanbury Hall is a National Trust property, an 18th century house in lovely grounds in Worcestershire.

There were apples for sale, I bought some, all different varieties. I have no idea what they are as I eat them, but they’re very nice. The orchard there is wonderful, a place of peace, and apples. They grow many varieties; I love to smell the apples when they are on the tree, when the sun has warmed them. You may have worked out that I am a fan of apples, my only truly necessary fruit, even though the image below features pears and quinces too, and dahlias.

Book of the month time! I was buying a sort of necessary book, not about apples, when I spotted this book, below. It became purchased.

It is so beautiful, and well written, and the illustrations are glorious, and it smells fabulous, and I may even learn stuff too.





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  1. I love reading about what you are up to Steph.
    We have just moved house so even when I finished decorating you can guess what sort of sewing I’ll be doing.
    Best wishes

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