For ’tis spring.

There are a lot of words being spoken, written and read at the moment, so I’m adding as few as I can. Just to say keep well and look after yourselves, observe all sensible precautions and hopefully at some point things will be back to some sort of normal.

So, some images of work, house and indeed garden, for ’tis spring. I hope you enjoy them.

A nice tidy workspace here, showing a few projects on the go and getting started. It does get messier, although I am a tidy bod.

Starting some new work based upon landscape. Mixed fabric applique, much snipping, and also showing the rough sketch which forms the basis of the piece.

Below, six landscape pieces ready to be finished, all to fit nicely into A3 frames, when done.

Above and below, choosing threads and machine stitching on the go.

Although I have plenty to do finishing these landscapes I felt the urge to start a new needlepoint. I don’t know what it is about needlepoint, it won’t let me go.

Above, the rough sketch I based the piece on. It started as a rough plan of some ideas I had for our garden, then I doodled on it, coloured some bits in, and bunged it in my sketchpad. It came out shortly afterwards when I decided I needed another needlepoint in my life.

Adding in a few other collage elements and looking at yarn colours. It’s that bird again, but he’s my favourite so why not. He likes to get into most things I make these days.

The working drawing, which has now been traced onto the canvas. Stitching has commenced! I’ll post that next time; naturally there won’t be a lot to show…

Above, lots of hexagons. I’m also making a book based on our spring garden for the areyoubookenough group on Instagram, which I’ve followed for some time. There’s a different theme each month, this month it’s Hexagon. I’ve started a little late, but hey ho.

And below, the spring garden itself. Cold and wet but lovely.

Also, I’ve been doing a bit of diy, some mosaicing around the sink and on a worktop. It’s only taken me nearly 3 years to get around to it, but it gives the kitchen a Mediterranean vibe. This is good as it’s north facing, and needs some jollity. Naturally I have a few bits to finish off, must gird myself. Also I have some tesserae left, so what to do next, one wonders…

Look after yourselves, keep on making, show us all what you’re doing.




25 thoughts on “For ’tis spring.

  1. Steph, are there no limits to your creativity! Gorgeous blog.
    Carry on carrying on and stay safe. Jane x

  2. Love reading you posts Steph. You are an inspiration. I haven’t done needlepoint for eons but you always make me think I should have another go. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous work. Keep safe and very best wishes Vicki 🌸

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  3. We are sliding thankfully into Autumn down under.After fires burning for months the cooler days are bliss.I am quite happy to be in lockdown,a little peace and quiet.Heaps to do.Thank you for your post Stephanie,they brighten up the day.Jenny

  4. Hi Jenny, after all those dreadful fires I hope you enjoy autumn. It’s a similar situation here now re lockdown. Let’s hope it works in reducing the spread of this thing. I’ll be posting more work as it hopefully progresses, it’s something positive and creative at least.

  5. I really look forward to seeing your work in progress and ideas. They cheer me up no end. Please keep doing it all. Thank you, jenny .

    1. Thanks Rachel, I do enjoy the jolly tea corner/sink area. As for the needlepoint, it can be relaxing, unless, like me, you decide to make quite a large piece which you have to fight with when stitching. I’m sure it will settle down…

  6. So enjoyed this post Stephanie. With everything that’s going on at the moment it does cheer me up when I read about all the wonderful things people are doing and making. So many wonderful images here and bags of creativity, it’s a real inspiration 😊

  7. Thank you Phil. It is wonderful to see all the work being made and shared, what a community, and what a pleasure in these worrying times. I count myself as very lucky to be part of it.

  8. Merci Marianne,

    J’espère que tout va bien pour toi. Je suis content que tu aimes l’évier, ça me fait aussi plaisir, ce qui est bien car j’y passe pas mal de temps …

  9. Loved seeing your in-progress photos, which inspire me to think about trying collage. (Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – maybe now is the time.) And your mosaic kitchen is fabulous, especially the glowing colours.

    1. Many thanks Ann. You could make some fabulous collages using your excellent photographs! I imagine like me you’ve been spending time in your garden, one good thing is this amazing weather.

      1. Yes, I’ve been spending most of my time out there – and the weeds have kindly provided me with plenty to do, hehe! Then when it gets colder again, I can spend time indoors…experimenting… 🙂

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