Back on the blog.

Well, after having been around the block [still channelling Quincy Jones here] with blog/no blog/Instagram, here I am back again.

Many thanks to everyone who tried to follow the blog when it moved to Weebly, who proved to be particularly hopeless at blog hosting. Then I thought I’d rely on Instagram, keep it fresh and so on, but no, some idiot decided to have a go at copying my account, disappointingly badly too, I must say.

So I’ve ditched IG for the time being, quite possibly forever. It’s a shame, I liked it, but I can’t bear being messed around. No harm to any of my followers though, and thank you for all the support. Not the support from Instagram though, who are also particularly hopeless, so that puts me off too.

So, whinging aside, I hope everyone is well, as indeed there are unfortunately more important things afoot. So here’s some hopefully nice pictures, for your entertainment.

A collection of finished landscapes, all mounted and ready to go to the framers, hopefully to go in some exhibitions next year. Below, some individual pieces; they are all smaller than A3 size.

I thought it would be interesting to try out a few pieces in a mix of white and cream screen printed fabrics, and to add some porcelain pieces too, below.

I admit some black and more gold crept in, and the porcelain didn’t really want to be involved as much as I wanted it to be. It is creamy coloured and looks wrong on a strong white. Above and below, some pieces in progress.

Time now to get out the sewing machine to get going with that stage of the making. The prints are based on fossils, moths and flowers from my own thermofax screens, printed using acrylic paint. There is appliquéd fabric too.

As a complete change, I thought a touch of tropical colour would be fun to work with next. I got these two pieces of stored work out ready to chop them up and repurpose them, but it turns out I quite want to keep them as they are, and finish them, albeit with dark glasses on, especially for the chappie on the left.

I’m hoping, but not promising, to make some more colourful work. I can’t help thinking that the inevitable black and white may creep in, but I resolutely have little piles of brightly coloured fabrics around to prompt me.

24 thoughts on “Back on the blog.

  1. Love the chappie on the left, but then all that you do is lovely. Glad you are back but I loved seeing you on Instagram, sorry you got messed about. I finally after a year saying I was going to leave Facebook did it. I have never liked the it and hardly ever went there but with far flung family it was a good way to keep in touch, most of them are now on Instagram and with FaceTime and Zoom we managed to stay connected, especially now.

    1. Thanks Bev, it is a shame about Instagram but it’s spoiled now, annoyingly. I’m not too keen on FB either, but I did miss the blog, so that’s something good that’s come out of it.

  2. Yeah, great! Very happy to view your wonderful work again.

    Very best wishes for continuing textile/ mixed media art success.

    Sandra x

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  3. Fabulous Steph. It’s a shame you have all that trouble but good to see you still sharing your work with us. Vicki

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  4. Glad you’re back sharing your amazing work! When I got the message from you on IG I thought it didn’t feel right as we’ve messaged and emailed. I was going to email you but it went so must have been when you discovered it. It’s a good platform to use for sharing, but blog is more permanent as a showcase it think.

    1. Hi Amanda, thank you, at least the IG situation got me back to the blog, so I’m grateful for that. Your blog is always interesting, I hope to start a blog roll again, so it will be on that. Always good to spread the word about a good blog.

      1. That’s very kind of you Steph. WordPress has blogs on the roll in order of following whereas Blogger used to have them in order of their most recent post which, seems much better if you ask me. Still, I’m enjoying getting back into reading blogs. FB and IG are a bit transient, ok for a quick fix and a natter though.

  5. Dear Stephanie,thank you for your enjoyable blog.I look forward to seeing it when you have time.I do so enjoy your book too.Something to treasure during the last trying weeks.Jenny

  6. Sorry to hear you had a frustrating time with IG Stephanie, but great to see you back blogging. The work in the these images is gorgeous, everything looks so fresh and inventive , love it!

  7. Hi Steph, interested to know what fabric you use mostly for the basis of your pieces and what do you mount the finished pieces on? Thanks, absolutely love all your work, love the muted colours and the tropical one too! Xx

    1. Hi Cathy, many thanks! I use a lot of painted and printed calico in my work. I use acrylic paints to colour the calico, and I also use some acrylic printed and procion dyed fabrics, and indigo dyed fabrics, which I print and dye in a big session about once a year. I also use a mix of commercial fabrics in small amounts. I mount the pieces on acid free mount board if they are going to be framed under glass. Occasionally I will mount them on canvases.

  8. It is so good to see your blog back. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your fascinating work. I feel so sorry that Instagram was so bad for you. It is of course owned by Facebook, and I was cloned on Facebook maybe three years ago now. They were of NO support to me whatsoever, and in the end, I felt I had no other option other than to delete my account. I recently attempted to open a new one, but had a message from Facebook saying I was giving them false information, and could never open an account with them! I was shocked and angry and totally powerless!
    Thankfully Instagram has so far been ok for me. It is really unforgivable that accountability is totally lacking. Good luck and long may your lovely work be seen.

    1. Many thanks for your kind comment, I’m happy you like the blog! I’m also sorry for your cloning incident. This has happened recently to another textile artist and FB steadfastly ignore their plight and keep the cloned site up and running. It is astonishingly easy for someone to copy your IG account, for selling or advertising purposes.

      1. Couldn’t agree more that Facebook still keep the site up now run by the cloner!! I had emails from two different people not so long ago saying that they had had strange messages from me on Facebook. My account is still up and running by the cloner!

        Always trying to forget the incident, but sadly the reminders still keep coming! We must look forward, and try not to let it spoil the fun and creativity we so enjoy. Many thanks for your reply. Hope you enjoy my Stitching News

      2. That must be beyond annoying Di. As you say, let’s undermine them with positive, shared creativity. I’m planning on putting a blog roll on my blog again, I had one a couple of years ago and it was a good way of sharing peoples’ work and posts without relying on FB and Ig all the time. I hope more people get back to their blogs too.

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