Midsummer series.

I’m continuing with my minor obsession of stitching in hoops; actually I could do quite happily do all my work in hoops, I love a circle.

These are part of my Midsummer series, named after the subject matter and the rich dense colours in the pieces. The first three are 36 cm/10 inch hoops, the last three are 15 cm/6 inch hoops. More may follow…

11 thoughts on “Midsummer series.

  1. Hi Ann.
    Yes, they would be great wouldn’t they, I’ve often looked into digital printing [I do a little bit at home but only A4/A3 size] but never taken the plunge. I’m tempted to have a fiddle in Photoshop now.

  2. I love the richness of colour and texture in these, especially the top piece. The wonderful, swirling shapes of the flowers make me think of the fizz and energy of a border full of exuberant summer flowers.

  3. Many thanks Ann, that’s the thing about spring and summer isn’t it, the incredible energy of growth. Even though we’ve seen it many times, it still amazes me.

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