Finished and almost wrapped.

I’ve finished some work which is waiting now to be wrapped in cellophane. I like the wrapping, it shows the job is done and that’s that, into the drawer, onto the next thing. Simple pleasures.

So here are a few finished pieces, and if browsers are actually allowed they will be in one at my show at the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham in November. If they’re not I’ll be sad, but there we are. I tend not to frame a lot these days; that was the plan a few posts back, but sensibly I’ve found people like to choose their own frames, and, if the work doesn’t go to a new home it comes back here, and frames are tedious to store. I am short of space and they do like to damage themselves.

Fossil sun 40 x 35 cm

Moth night 45 x 40 cm

Fossil Moon 35 x 35 cm

Gold Moon, moth forest 45 x 20 cm

Dragonfly forest 30 x 28 cm

White tree 30 x 25 cm

Blue forest 48 x 48 cm

And to finish, two jolly hoops.

Tropical night 30 cm diameter

Tropical Moon 30 cm diameter

I’m writing this on a very wet dull day, that definitely calls out for more colour. Time to get the paints out, let’s see what happens…

9 thoughts on “Finished and almost wrapped.

  1. Love your art. How do you finish off the back of the hooped artwork?Regards, Linda Cherry Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. Hi Linda, many thanks! I cut the fabric around the hoop to a depth of about 4cm/1 inch and then stitch round it to gather it in. Then I cut a circle of stiff card and glue it onto the back. You can stitch a circle of felt on if you prefer. Hope this helps.

  3. These are all beautiful, but I especially love the delicacy of ‘Fossil Sun’ and ‘Fossil Moon’. It would be wonderful to see them ‘in person’.

  4. You are absolutely right about the tediousness of storing framed pieces. My mother would add stretched canvases to that – as well as being dented, the canvas can be punctured…

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