Collage edition.

Collage is my go to idea and design tool. I like a few simple line drawings to get down a selection of composition ideas, but collage adds in the shapes, colour, pattern and texture. It’s definitely a make it up as you go along and let’s see what happens medium. I find from this approach the best and freshest composition ideas emerge; it’s as if those simple childhood tools of scissors, paper and glue banish reserve and inhibition, and also simplify, which is something I always aim for in my work.

A mix of collage papers made from digitally manipulated images and overlays of papers photographed and printed out. To these papers I add paint, coloured pencil, screen print and mixed media.

Gathering together some materials to start working on some collages in a new A4 zig zag book, below.

Below, some pages from the book, simple shapes and blocks of complex imagery, open to interpretation in a variety of ways.

Above and below, collaged papers and screen printing over the collage.

Above, ink and cut out digitally manipulated prints from a drawing I made.

Above, a mix of printed digitally manipulated images, painted paper, gold leaf and screen print over the top.

The image above is a combination of digital and cut out paper collage photographed, fiddled with in Photoshop, and printed.

A few pages of the zig zag book. It’s great to work in and stores a lot of ideas for potential work.

More pages and some on going design ideas.

Above, an older collage that inspired the needlepoint below, almost finished, in great need of blocking, so please excuse its parallelogram nature.

I started this one with the intention of it being mostly whites, greys and black, but autumn crept in. It’s a mix of Rowan wool, bamboo yarn and tapestry wool.

Take care everyone.

10 thoughts on “Collage edition.

  1. I love how you simplify and I know that it’s not easy. The process looks so fun and the finished pieces are so lovely.
    Have you thought of doing any on line small courses?

    1. Thank you! I do think collage can really help people who are searching for their artistic identity. I have considered several courses over the years, and have a fair amount of half written material. It’s all quite unwieldy but the idea of smaller shorter courses is something to think about.

  2. Hi Stef, love your collage work, thanks for sharing your process. Also love your modern take on needlepoint, I am inspired to try this! Is there a particular program you use to digitally manipulate images?
    Kind regards
    Cathy Stevens

  3. Hi Cathy, many thanks. I use Photoshop, I’m no expert though! I just play around and I’m often pleasantly surprised, mostly using filters and one or two other approaches. I’m not being secretive about the other approaches, I can’t remember what they’re called. I’ll have to put something together showing what I do, all you need are a few images to start with.

  4. What an inspiring and educational post! It’s really well-timed for me because I’m trying to psych myself up to get back to printmaking and to try collage, so that I have something to do while there is less for me to photograph in the garden. It’s fascinating to see how your imagery develops with the use of collage. It also helps me to see how I could integrate my photography with the other things I want to do. Looks like there will be a fun period of experimentation… 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Thanks Ann, that’s very kind. I suspect once you start printmaking again and venture more into collage you won’t be able to stop! Using your images would be amazing, that’s such a good way to make your work personal and unlike anyone else’s. We all need a good winter project, more so than ever at the moment.

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