Moving across media.

I fully endorse using whatever medium inspires you for whatever project you are developing. Conversely a medium and materials frequently inspire the creative process, so although I’m fully into using what you own as much as possible, new materials coming into the studio can really spark some fresh ideas.

I like to use needlepoint a lot these days to interpret ideas, but I still enjoy collage, drawing, using coloured pencils and paints, and appliquéd stitched fabrics and mixed media. I don’t force myself stick to one medium, the aim is keeping things totally enjoyable and as relaxed as creativity can ever be.

I had some hoops left over from previous projects, and thought about moving them along, but I’m glad I didn’t, because I’m stitching some small pieces in them at the moment with great enjoyment. They are fabulous for working on quite rapid pieces, and because they are so drum – like when stretched I can indulge myself with much beading and addition of other materials, like my porcelain pieces, and the odd pebble or bit of wood.

Above and below, sorting out some materials.

The materials in the image above inspired me to start a series of mostly white and black pieces, with the addition as necessary of small amounts of colour. This idea basically came from just going through my fabrics and grouping them together.

For the moment, back to the the two original pieces, shown here in progress.

And below, two white pieces in progress. I’m not sure if the sea theme will continue, we’ll see.

These are mixed painted fabrics and an ink drawing [on the first image] on silk. They are now being stitched.

Below, two finished pieces.

This one is accurately called Fishy.

And this is Pink Forest.

Both are 26 cm/10 inch hoops, painted white.

11 thoughts on “Moving across media.

  1. I love the strong graphic effect of the black and white – very striking! It would be interesting to see how this progresses. Mixed-media is hugely appealing to me. I’ve done a few different things in past years and am now trying to find ways to bring them together – should be lots of fun! 🙂 The richness of mixed-media is exciting and seeing yours is certainly inspiring!

    1. Thanks Ann, the two starfish hoops are moving on so I’ll post them soon. I love black and white too, it’s something I think I’ll explore more in the future.
      It would be great to see how your mixed media work develops. Do you have an art blog as well as the botanical photography blog?

      1. It will be interesting to see the black and white explorations!
        I have just the one blog but hope to post some printmaking (and maybe some mixed-media work) over the winter. I really need to give myself a big push to get going on these! (And there’s not a lot left in the garden to photograph…so I will have no choice but to try something ‘new’ eventually, hehe! Part of my blog’s purpose is to force me to get on with creative things!)

  2. Your recent posts have inspired me to pick up my needlepoint again for the first time in many years. I’m really enjoying the process of finishing off an old piece and I’m mulling over ideas for more work in this medium. So, thanks very much!

    1. That’s great Catherine, thanks for letting me know. I enjoy writing the blog and
      it’s so good when it has a positive effect. Hope the finishing and the new pieces go well.

  3. Thanks Rachel, that’s great of you to say, I also enjoy the range of work you do, and it was lovely to see one of your pieces in real life last year at the NEC. I often think it would be ideal to be what I call mono, you know, just one type of work, but it’s just not my temperament.

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