Work in progress, black and white.

I didn’t deliberately set out to make a number of black and white pieces. I had some hoops, and some nice bits of painted black and white fabric, and some thick silk and so on, and they started to come together.

I sorted out a few drawings for some promts, and got going with the scissors. Hoops suit me these days. They’re easy to handle, the piece is all laid down and easy to stitch [up to a point, some of my textured painted fabric is like rock] and I can explore lots of ideas without wrestling with billowing large amounts of fabric. They’re my version of illustrated manuscripts, small detailed and contained worlds.

The start of a sea piece.

A fern piece on the go.

A somewhat exuberant starfish.

And another one.

An arch, based on topiary.

Painting some calico and the hoop with some Indian ink, lazy but an effective way of getting black fabric and doing the hoop at the same time.

Adding some white acrylic paint to another piece to make an active painterly background for the piece below.

Feeling a sudden need for a touch of colour, I added some orange to this piece and the two below.

And below, the last one, number nine, which will be absolutely covered in silver beads. I feel it needs the bling.

To follow, some close ups of some of the finished pieces. When they are all done I’ll put them on my website. They may be going to the Festival of Quilts next year, all paws crossed.

8 thoughts on “Work in progress, black and white.

  1. I like the black and white – it makes for very striking, strong compositions which is a lovely contrast to the detail of the stitching and beading and the delicate fabrics. (Not sure how I managed to miss this post when it came out, so I’m glad I found it!)

  2. Many thanks Ann, they are finished now and ready to photograph. I hope you manage to find some time for your collage experiments this winter, before the gardening starts up again!

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