The birds are back, part one…

Periodically I declare to myself that I’ve made enough work featuring birds. I generally then make a few pieces with no avians, then, without actually being invited, they’re back, flying in, perching about the place, posing under the sun, or looking at the Moon.

I’d been mulling over some autumn coloured fabrics I’ve had for ages, and also some lovely textured silks that I was convinced I would never use. You know, the sort of thing you get out, stroke a bit, and put away again.

This time I didn’t put them away. Having a little experiment with them was the start, and I was convinced that I was going to make some pattern based pieces.


This was the first piece. Boring. So naturally I took the scissors to it and then the birds arrived. Painting some calico with Indian ink for the background seemed to get it all going, and these are the two pieces, below, that happened.

I’d like to make a third, I have enough silk and so on left, and having found a context to actually use it in that I like, I’m enthusiastic about making a third piece. With a bird, probably.


Here’s one of them, below, pinned up, waiting to be stitched. It’s between two other bird pieces that have a slightly more convoluted story, which undoubtedly I will post about at some point.

Keep well, and keep making, everyone. x

25 thoughts on “The birds are back, part one…

  1. The birds are stunning! I’m often not attracted to the autumn colors but I love what you did with the India ink fabric as a background and how it make# the birds pop.

  2. What a joy your posts are! I feel privileged to understand some of your thinking. I was going to put ‘get inside your head’ but that would be really weird!

    1. Thank you, you’re very kind. Posting about work and its making does sort of invite people into at least part of your creative brain though, now I think about it. I’m very happy that you enjoy it.

  3. Love the idea of the birds flying back into your work. They’re beautiful and they bring life. 🙂

      1. I wonder if it’s something to do with our response to living creatures, especially those that appeal to us. Maybe we respond to the image of a bird the way we would to seeing one in our gardens?

      2. Yes, I love our garden birds, even though they are obviously not as exotic as the ones I tend to use in my work. Perhaps I need to do some work to celebrate the brown British garden birds!

  4. But the birds are so delightful! I feel sad when the birds are few in the garden so I have to top up their feeders and it goes wonderfully manic again.

  5. Birds are just amazing aren’t they, they give me such pleasure, from the little brown jobbies to the spectacular showy tropical birds. Not that we get the latter in our garden…

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