Greetings everyone.

Have the very best Christmas, Yule, winter break you possibly can folks.

Thank you too for looking at this blog throughout the year, and for all your lovely comments.

Look after yourselves, let’s all keep creating and supporting each other.


14 thoughts on “Greetings everyone.

  1. Have a really lovely Christmas too Steph. Lovely to see all your work through the year – we feel like part of your creative process xx

  2. Thank you for such a cheery picture-just what is needed at present.I have enjoyed your blogs this year.Have a lovely Xmas.

  3. Oh what wonderful work, Steph.  I do love the pieces after cutting the original up.  Whats the way to do it, I say!! A very happy Christmas and a peaceful New year to you and to Poppy too, bless her. Ann and Minnie x

  4. A very happy Christmas Steph, and may we all have an inspirational and also a peaceful Christmas and also the New Year. What amazing new work you have created. So pleased to see the birds back. A friend has recommended a book on re birding. There is also a lovely book on wilding by Isabella Tree. This is a big turning point in our help to save the planet.
    from Ann and Minnie x

  5. I wish you very happy Christmas Steph! And a healthy and creative 2021 to follow. Seeing your lovely work and reading about your processes of creating is most enjoyable and inspiring too. 🙂

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